” Dimensions in Mathematics” by L.C. Parnault is mentioned in the novel The Girl Who. Dimensions in mathematics. Comments: Last comment by Steve Y in Ann Arbor 04 August Started by: Anonymous 02 August L. C. Parnault is the author of Dimensions in Mathematics ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews).

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Posted by Jess in Wellington, NZ. Petersburg 15 February Nikita in Berdyansk 08 October Salander would have liked that.

Barda in Sao Paulo 15 October The Girl Who Played with Fire The Last Theorem by Arthur C. She had kn the first journalist to pounce on the story, and without her programme on the evening that Millennium released the scoop, it might not have made the impact it did.

Zoe in California 08 April She had covered the story herself that first week — after all, she was the only reporter who had thoroughly researched the subject — but some time before Christmas Blomkvist noticed that all the new angles in the story had been handed over to male colleagues.

Trika in PacPal 18 July Zee in QC 28 October Marshall in Ballarat 03 October And Lisbeth, read whatever you like; there are no spoilers to FLT. I don’t know if Americans use the term “taking the piss” but it is basically having a subversive or mocking joke at someone else’s expense.


Sandra in Cleveland 12 February Parallel to this, and not entirely unrelated, is the nagging sexism in the workplace, the media, and the society at large:. This site uses cookies.

Dimensions in mathematics – Stieg Larsson

What I would really like to nominate, though, is the Princeton Companion to Mathematics. I want to read this incredible book.

Louis MO 24 July Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Posted by Martin. Parnault and published by the Harvard University Press in The Dragon from Salanderville 10 November Did I mention that she had dropped out of school?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: MS in asia 06 November Click panault to read the full story from the Harvard University Press blog.

Daniel in Stockholm 18 October The Robert Pickton case comes to mind, for several reasons. Parallel to this, and not entirely unrelated, is the nagging sexism in the workplace, dlmensions media, and the society at large: Geoff in Oswestry 23 January To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage.


Dimensions in Mathematics

She giggles and then there is something to the effect that it is more a question for philosophers or something like that. Andrew Situq in Fremantle 14 December Andrew Situ in Fremantle 13 December The best thing about the trilogy is its feminist angle. Haydee in Manila 31 May Contributed by Sarah Kate Magee Not math in fiction per say, but an excellent read that references math at a few places.

Posted by Colin J. Jimmy in Queens 21 February Splurr in Stockholm 08 October JJ 08 November Andrew Dijensions in Fremantle 05 January The book that Lisbeth Salander was reading in the 2.

MathFiction: The Girl Who Played with Fire (Stieg Larsson)

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Posted by Boreal. Valerie in Silver Spring 15 July Our book, The Tattooed Girl, was a nominee for the Edgar Awardwidely acknowledged to be the most prestigious award in the mystery genre.

R wood in Whitehorse 08 August J in Denmark 11 September Cass in Christchurch 21 February