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Where is the church on Monday? Dion is married to Megan and they have two wonderful children Courtney and Liam.

Dion Forster

Within the denomination there is a veritable rainbow of cultures, and forsfer groups – not to mention the divergent froster perspectives and styles of worship.

In order to show this, the article will highlight aspects of Christian humanism and the African worldview that correlate with Southern African appropriations of Methodist and Wesleyan theology. An empirical intercultural reading of Matthew It has taken a significant amount of time for the Church to realize that the Church can not distance itself from HIV. This paper focused on how the ethics and theology of this indigenous knowledge system can contribute toward overcoming the impasse of validating individual identity in contemporary academic debates on human consciousness.

What about the relationship between religion and science? The ethics of ubuntu as an answer to the impasse of individual consciousness more. This leads to the second aim, namely that we wanted to open the way for our members to begin to think critically about some contemporary challenges and opportunities that Southern Africa, and the Church in Southern Africa, faces.


The paper then presented an integrative framework for individual consciousness that is not static or ultimately quantifiable, but rather formulated in the process of mutual discovery that arises from a shared journey.

Dion Forster | Stellenbosch University –

The diagrams, statistics, and stories contained in the book offer insights and tools for theological reflection, study and discussion. Revival, Revolution and Reform in Global Methodism: International Journal of Public Theology. Considering Compassion at the Intersection of Theology and Science more. African theology has a great deal to contribute to the theological discourse on human identity. Christianity, and foreter particular Methodism, is a dominant faith perspective in The ethics of Ubuntu as an answer to the impasse of individual consciousness more.

David Korten proposes a Fourth Generation approach to ifletype that is value driven and sees social movements take centre stage in promoting a more just global society. African relational ontology, individual identity, and Christian theology: The religious linguistic characteristics of the presence of the Kingdom in the light of Speech Act Theory: As a ‘public theologian’, Dion seeks to facilitate reflection, learning and interaction between the various ‘publics’ of society – particularly the publics of the academy, the Church and society at large.


File access can be limited to certain team members or groups at all time! Views Read Edit View history. State theology is deemed inappropriate and harmful to the identity and work of both the Christian church and the nation state. Suffering in a Global Age more.

About – Dion Forster – An uncommon path

The article traces why such a theological deficiency exists in the South African church by considering areas such as an inadequate theology of work and mission, a dualism between faith and work, and an unbalanced emphasis on the role of clergy and a lesser focus on the role of the laity in the missio Dei.


What is more, the Hebrew Bible also contains numerous instances in which the worth or dignity of the female characters are threatened, violated or potentially violated, creating a situation of dehumanization in which women are viewed as less than fully human.

This article considers whether South Africa’s largest mainline Christian denomination, the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, is in danger of embodying or propagating a contemporary form of ‘state theology’.

He is a theologian [1] and author.

SpiritualityChristologyand Interfaith Dialogue. The notion of spirituality in the workplace is engaged through a literature review dioon identifies three categories of spirituality; palliative spirituality, via media spirituality and transformative spirituality.

Not only is this the most up to date data on this subject at present; the research findings and research process are also worthy of academic consideration. Next, a nuanced understanding of hope is presented by adopting a public theological methodology that brings dominant theological perspectives on eschatological hope into dialogue with the most recent statistics about the quality of life in South Africa fromand Research Institute for Religion and Theology: Essays on Church and State relationships.

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