DSM · DSM £ INFANTRY ELEMENT STANDS (assortment of 2, 3 and 4-figure stands, enough for one full platoon pack plus extras). Brief Description, Players take the roles of “Combat Group Commanders,” leading ad-hoc battle formations composed of multiple platoon-sized elements. Rules. It looks like there is a renewed interest in the SF Dirtside II set of miniatures rules especially that they are a free download. I thought I would post.

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On his right flank, Steve moved a heavy tank troop into the military industrial complex to seize the objective there. Jay Arnold 1 August at Suddenly all the target training I had given my troops seemed to desert them. But while the rules seemed difficult when I read through them, they were very easy to learn digtside playing. Each player moves an entire unit.

The Background The planet Cixerona is a small planet, the third of five in the Eno star system. Ginpeel is a one state planetary system. For the Emplaced Zone Air Defence Systems and the Command Bunker, Ground Zero Games produce a range of resin Firebase modules that would be perfect and Snapdragon also produce some delightful models that would look perfect.

Vehicle design and costing can take a while – but that’s mainly because of the tradeoffs involved.

Dirtside II

This scenario can be played easily on a small three by two foot dining table, right up to a purpose-built eight by six wargaming table. However with misinformation, misleading advertisements and on some planets force of arms, the favoured candidate always seems to get “voted” in.

I’m sure he will do better next time. The system covers combined-arms actions from a few squads up to large scale battles.

Commander Kaftan Harko is in xirtside of two riverine gunboats and are on a routine patrol of the Llephac Delta.


Ruarigh 2 Dirtzide at Starships dirtzide their huge fleets do clash in small conflicts on the odd occassion.

Any other result is a draw. For future scenarios Copelands also produce a rnage of Aerospace Craft and a wide selection of Armoured Fighting Vehicles. Twenty Five elements of Line Infantry. I have to admit that DS2 is one damn good game.

I outnumbered him significantly and, as I found out, he had taken a totally different approach from me to building his force.

Sweep and Clear – Dirtside II

This list is run by fans, though the GZG folks do “monitor” the list. Bigger vehicles can have heavier armor and bigger guns, but they’re more expensive and easier to hit. Errata, dirtsjde and answers, and variant rules. Dirtside II combines all of this information in a simple, easy-to-understand process.

The rules worked smoothly and the only thing that spoiled the game was Steve’s abysmal luck. According to Federation intelligence hey have supplied the Cixerona dirtsid with weaponry and aid.

These comprehensive generic rules are for simulating science fiction battles in virtually any background or future history. Meanwhile, I had managed to smoke two of his tanks in the industrial area, had finished off dlrtside third one on his left flank and had occupied five of the objectives. Danny Gurule dgurule jeppesen.

The red circles on the set-up picture below show their locations. This sort of terrain can be made as well, if you have an average level of modelling dirrside. Nicolas Dortside pirate indy. The drtside she leads is quite a large rebel unit and have attacked many Questronnian targets, both military and civilian.

Did I mention that troop quality was determined by a chit draw? One big disadvantage is that she has no air support. Sweep and Clear is an ideal introduction to the conflict between the Questron Federation and the Cixerona rebels, from here you can recreate further battles between the two sides.


If you know of other resources for this game, please let us know by sending email to the editor.

It carries four elements of Line Infantry. Newer Post Older Post Home. Finally got to try Dirt Side II. However they continue to rebel, sometimes with the questionable tactic of violence.

I know this because I remember buying it in the comics shop in Bedford when I worked for the archaeology unit there and those were the dates of my sojourn in Bedfordshire. Steve’s lack of numbers was a contributory factor in losing the game.

Miniatures Rules: Dirtside II Science Fiction Miniatures Game

Diryside Otan also has quite a large contingent of infantry at her disposal, the Cixerona player may decide what sort of teams she wants, however at least ten of them must be Rifle Teams. Ruarigh 1 August at Brendan Mayhugh 8 August at It may carry one Line Infantry element. Morale is easy and seems realistic. Also carries two elements of Line Infantry. Still, for a dlrtside game these daysyou can’t go wrong!

One objective marker had to be placed in our rear areas the third of the table closest to our base edgewhile the remainder had to be placed in the centre third of the table the main battle area. On the ground there are a few fixed mount heavy weapons so that dirtsid an enemy does come into their respective fire arcs they do stand a good chance of getting a shot off.

A points system allows competing forces to be compared, and a vehicle design system allows players to add innovative vehicles. Durtside do prefer a closer match.