THE effect of wear and tear of the tailstock assembly of a lathe affects the accuracy of the finished product in several different ways. Wear on the bed-ways or. Assembly and Disassembly of Tailstockkiran wangikar Explain Tailstock And Its Components Lathe Machine: Production Lab MechanicalUPSC IAS. Preparing two wooden blocks (used as sleepers) and wire for guiding lead wires will be helpful. Disassemb ly and assemb ly tools. Disassembly and assembly.

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A bit perplexed here, the tailstock in your photo is shown perched on the steel rungs of a hand cart.

When the set screws are out, you should be able to slide the pulley back toward the tailstock end and lift off the belt. My guess here is part 7 is an anti-rotate feature for dismqntling quill. Alternately I could make one if a premade part is expensive.

Tailstock | Jason’s South Bend 9 Rebuild

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Thanks to the suggestions and a re-examination of the problem in better light I was able to remove the, eh I keep subtracting these weights from the estimated total ofhoping to end up with nice small numbers for the bed and cabinet so I can roll them downstairs into my machine shop with a Yates appliance dolly.

Bed under the way at headstock end. SO here is where Lthe am. Also, I have not called Leblond but I am aware that they still sell some parts.

Help Disassembling Leblond Regal tailstock – damaged nut

If the machine were mine, I would make a drawing of the nut, so that I could make one later if needed. The lathe was made the year I was born and it weighs It’s OK to be wrong TD, just try not to let your loud mouth make it so hard to back out of. They are probably too detailed for anyone with common sense, but I wanted to remember the order of the steps as well as the location of some obscure fasteners.


They did indeed call it a spindle. An inside threaded acme screw nut seems like a challenging first part to make on a new lathe.

If your assejbly quill spins you have a problem. Next I lightly oiled the inside of the ram housing with type C oil and installed the shaft and retaining nut. I have removed the two hex althe but the nut is not free. Bed with gearbox and levers removed. I’m pretty sure that LeBlond still supports these newer machines but when you get the price you will probably decide to make it yourself.

The retaining nut holding the shaft into the back of the tailstock was too large for any of my wrenches, so I got the pipe wrench out and cracked it loose.

Logan Lathe Tailstock

I looked at the manual. Inside was a black rubber washer that was falling apart, any idea on where to find a new one? It is keyed all the way to the back of the part so that it can be removed towards the front.

And then I need to tailstocck where I can get replacement parts.

What better way to cure that “inexperienced” condition? If the the fucking R K LeBlond company didn’t know a spindle from a quill then it is perfectly obvious why Harbor Freight and Grizzly are showing us how it’s done. If that is the right end of the TS where the handwheel goes, the hole is for a taikstock wrench, the bushing unscrews.


Help Disassembling Leblond Regal tailstock – damaged nut. Any suggestions tailtsock welcome and all of you have my gratitude for all the help offered so far.

The pulley, shown on the left in the view below, is attached to a carrier cylinder. Tailstock Parts After Cleanup and Paint. You will find that LeBlond has what ever you need for your lathe.

The lock screws have the hex hole cut all the way through. Overall view of the spindle. There is no set screw in it, Is it a point to put a punch in and tap around.

However, the threads in the nut are tailstkck mangled. The pictures that follow are mostly taken in my garage where the forklift unloaded the machine. Originally Posted by tdmidget. I was lazy about taking pictures during this process, sorry, here it is fully disassembled.

The bracket that holds the tailstock to the bed is trivial to remove. It looks to me from your photo that you have several good threads left in the nut.

The hardest part will be grinding the acme thread tool and that’s not too bad. The cap bolts are standing on the way surfaces.

Can you help please?