DM74LSN datasheet, DM74LSN circuit, DM74LSN data sheet: NSC – Data Selector/Multiplexer,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. DM74LSN 1-of-8 Line Data Selector/multiplexer. This data selector/ multiplexer contains full on-chip decoding to select the desired data source. M16D. Lead Small Outline Package (SOP), EIAJ TYPE II, mm Wide. DM74LSN. N16E. Lead Plastic Dual-In-Line Package (PDIP), JEDEC MS-

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I guess it has. This message neither grants consent to dmm74ls151n unsolicited commercial email nor is intended to solicit commercial email. As it stands now it could just be a mater of putting it together with more exact values and keeping the leads short ect Went to a private tech college and paid obscene amounts of money as a penance datasyeet screwing off to much in HS and not being able to get into a regular University.

I don’t think so.

74LS Datasheet PDF –

My school didn’t give us a pre-stocked junkbox. As far as the school giving us a junk box of parts I am sure I paid at least twice what I could of put it together myself for. I managed to identify about half of them and find data sheets and the other half nothing.

The sawtooth output didn’t produce any output.

So now I figure I want to get some projects and practical experience under my belt before I move on for a Masters and yet more calculus and theory. But that doesn’t stop my “good chip to keep” detector from going off.


Also I’ve seen discolouration on pins where they enter the IC body and I wonder if this is some sort of material migration or break- down at the seal. Although after seeing you in a kilt, maybe it’s not a stick I should be ready to duck.

74LS151 Datasheet

I don’t know how to program PLDs but I don’t think the school even had the means to do it. Send them to me I. Probably mostly logic gates.

I don’t think I recognize that appearance. A lot of that stuff gets donated and slowly sits around becoming obsolete until the department moves and decides to throw it out. Microcontroller discussion list – Public. Anyway, I don’t think there’s any reason to expect a chip made in ’77 is going to be unreliable in ’05 unless and this is a big ‘unless’ the leads are in such condition that you can’t get a reliable solder joint.

The dice themselves are hermetically sealed with a thin layer of glass on the top surface except on the bonding pads. The school had given us tons of IC chips that we never used. I think is 70nS cycle time. Now I put this together quickly on a breadboard with approximate value components so I didn’t expect much and if I had any sawtooth output I would of considered it a success. Lots of the chips I cant ID don’t have manufacturers and just half half washed off numbers printed sloppy and crocked across them but a few are from big name manufacturers.

74LS Datasheet catalog

If any of these are particularly static sensitive they probably are keeshed after 4 years of floating around in a tackle box in the trunk of a car and dozens of hands digging through them looking for specific parts in labs. I had one of those. Hard to imagine how small memory was back then. The clue is in the number – the “64” part is the bit-count in k, so it’s 8k x 8. Dave, On Mon, 5 Sep Then in the bachelors degree it was all communications stuff from telcom to satellite and network protocols.


The associate degree wasn’t even accredited the BS was though that’s why I went on for the BS at the same school after the associate degree.

When I was searching for myself I really depended on finding a quite literal match as I really don’t know the logic behind the numbering. On Wed, 7 Sepdigitaladdictions wrote: Ah yes, well spotted that man. Maybe it’s something else that is going on. I put together the pulse generator circuit in that datasheet. Tuesday, September 06, 4: If I remember rightly I had to make to with 2k x 1 I think memory chips, of which I would have needed 32 to give the same amount of storage as one of the above!

You dataheet as well list the rest of the part numbers you have. Better than just chucking them out.