Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements. Originator: USD(AT&L). CFR: Date: Changes: This document has not yet been added to FISMApedia. Reissues DoD Directive (DoDD) (Reference (a)). allied nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization pursuant to DoDD DODD Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (Cited DODD Recoupment of Nonrecurring Costs (NCs) on Sales of U.S. Items (Cited in .

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Armed Forces, the responsible ordering authority or contracting officer or designee verifies partial or complete delivery of the LSSS in accordance with the provisions of the contract or AOA agreement.

Additionally, an AOA agreement is time limited to the exercise or operation it is meant to support. These organizations will use this instruction, in conjunction with references b, c, and d, to negotiate, conclude, and execute Acquisition-Only Agreements and Cross- Servicing Agreements ACSA for which approval authority has been delegated to the Chairman by the Secretary of Defense.

DoD eligibility approval does not expire. Upon return of both copies, signed by the foreign country or international organization, the ACSA PM will then forward both versions to the U.

This authority has been re-delegated to the CCMDs.

DoDD 2010.9

For example, for severable services, the service normally must be paid for with funds available for the fiscal year in which the service is performed. Final combinations of items that are ready assembled for intended use; e. References a and g contain specific limitations on the dollar value of LSSS that may be acquired from or transferred to a country or international organization dofd any fiscal year.

Armed Forces to foreign countries or international organizations or vice versa under an ACSA for cash reimbursement. Such determination shall be made in consultation with contracting authorities. ACSA POC should consult the staff judge advocate if there is any question regarding the ability to collect for possible damages to that equipment. Representatives from other affected organizations may be included.


Policy 1 Reference b requires sodd written approval from the U. It also includes procedures for nominating non- NATO countries for designation as authorized for a cross-servicing agreement.

Full text of “Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements, 21 May “

In accordance with reference d, the use — under the ACSA or other authorities — of specific subcategories of military communications dods and related services requires coordination with and approval from the Chairman.

A 2001.9 established by commanders of unified commands, when so authorized through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to conduct operations on a continuing basis in accordance with the criteria set forth for unified commands.

OSD approval to conclude is valid for 1 year, without further coordination. Armed Dofd or the home porting of U. IAs may be lengthy or only a page or two. All foreign country requests for excluded items see subparagraphs 5b l and 5b 2 of this enclosure or dodr involving unusual liability and foreign disclosure issues will be processed through foreign military sales or direct commercial sales channels, as authorized in reference f.

Identify Logistics Requirement and Appropriate Procurement Mechanism 1 The first step in the acquisition process is to identify the type, quantity, and timing of U. The term also includes temporary use lease or loan of general purpose vehicles and other non-lethal items of military equipment that are not designated as significant military equipment on the U.

The resource management element then develops a bill and collects reimbursement as described in subparagraphs 4. The fund cite with the required certification will be noted on the ACSA order form.


They do not commit or bind either party to any particular number, monetary value, or form of transactions. Authority to conclude will not exceed one year. Once the form is completed and signed by both parties, it constitutes a binding international commitment. Port Services Offloading U. The nomination will be accompanied by a legal review from the nominating CCMD staff judge advocate.

DoD Directive , “Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements,” 4/28/

A complete list of such items and services is contained in reference i. This may require amending the order, or canceling it and executing a new order with the correct pricing data. This step may include coordination with Service component or subunified command headquarters.

In addition, a 15 day congressional notification is required in connection with training for deployments to combined operations. Also enter all IAs into the database after they are doed.

Obtain and Certify Foreign Translation of Agreement 1 On receipt of authority to conclude, and agreement by the foreign country or international organization to any 20109 text changes, the CCMD ACSA PM will prepare a final English version of the agreement and provide it to the foreign country or international organization through U.

Equipment cannot be transferred until completion of the day congressional notification period.

Armed Fodd from the resources of a foreign military installation and vice versa. However, the cost of moving a pallet over the specified route is known. Any additional guidance; specified operation, assignment termination date, or additional agency approvals required prior to execution will be included on the designation memorandum.