Picture of an origami double star flexicube; Designed by Dave Brill; Folded by Sara Adams;. In fact there wasn’t an elegant way of doing this (in an origami sense). I used trial and error: firstly I made the Yoshimoto Cube (aka Double Star Flexicube), then. David Brill – Double Star Flexicube. Post by Froy» Tue Mar 25, pm. Hi! Greetings from Mexico. I have been looking for diagrams or something from.

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Thank you for answering my post Sara. More information about text formats. Thanks for posting this you tube vid!

Double-Star Flexi-Cube – Setting the Crease

You are commenting using your Facebook account. When I made it.

My cubes are the same size: I suggest you use slightly heavier paper for the units, and lighter paper for the hinges. You will have to start with paper that has a ratio of 1 by square root of 2.

It always matters what kind of paper you use. There’s no reason to be militant about what’s allowed or not. There are instructions for this here: This is a flexicube, no?

In the video I used normal copy paper for the hinges, and card for the units. My second fold is much more stable than the first one, so using thicker paper did help. He has done amazing stuff, so it’s unfortunate that he feels about it this way, but I respect his wish.


I remember the star form is called a stellated rhombic dodecahedron. My teacher and I, decided that I should just give intructions on the paper cup flat-fold and the water bomb In the end, you want others to be able to reproduce the result. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The model with only cubes moving, not a star in the middle.

Double Star Flexicube (David Brill): Instructions | Happy Folding

The first model should probably take a bit less time, but I think both are suitable for beginners. I want to do this with my school pupils aged around 8 or 9. What size of paper?

By “put together part” do you mean adding the hinges? But when you’re off by just a bit the units 3 modules don’t quite close up, leaving a small hole in the middle.

There are instructions for this here:. Hi Sara where can i get the paper that you used in this video i have a hard time finding good paper for my origami.

Please show your results. Notify me of new posts via email.


Double Star Flexicube (David Brill)

If the doublw level of this project is considered ‘low intermediate’, I’d hate to think what the ‘high expert’ level is like! Did you check your e-mail? I once saw a way of doing it starting with a triangular shaped piece of paper but I can’t remembe how it went. I searched up for any other models that have the same shape as the star form of the flexicube. When you use tape to connect the models it’s not pure origami anymore, but is that so bad?

David has done some nice diagrams, which you might find helpful: I’m 9 and I like origami. I used trial and error: That’s your personal satr.

Double Star Flexicube (David Brill): Instructions

Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. How to get A-sized paper from fouble square: I ‘ve started on my double star flexicube as well. Hi Sara I just thought i would tell you that there is a much easier way to fold the last step on the modules.