The GEA turbulence with draft tube and baffle crystallizer is the typical modern type of crystallizer in the industry. This is a typical model of mixing tank crystallizer. Draft tube is mounted inside, allowing crystals which are growing to be sent efficiently to the evaporation. In a continuous crystallization process employing an evaporative draft tube baffle (DTB) crystallizer apparatus to produce crystal product, the improvement which.

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This is difficult to understand because even if all of the ammonium sulfate formed by cooling the clear solution precipitated on the seed, the size should only bqffle to about that of a 16 mesh crystals 1.

For superior control over particle size when excessive fine crystals are present, the Swenson draft tube baffle DTB crystallizer has been proven highly effective.

DTB Crystallizer | Draft Tube-baffle Crystallizer Supplier

The process of any of preceding claims comprising the continuous crystallization of ammonium sulfate. Crystal size easy to control Economic due to recyclability of fines More energy efficient than forced-circulation crystallizers. Vaporization occurs at the top surface of the slurry, while nucleation occurs near the bottom of the crystallizer body.

Please help us to improve our website Provide feedback. A description of a typical apparatus and its normal operation are given below. Process for recovering terephthalic acid from pulverized product of spent polyethylene terephthalate and system for use in such process. The percent of crystals of size greater than Tyler 10 mesh are given in Figure 2 for several successive shifts of production. Sufficient seed surface is maintained at the boiling surface to minimize harmful salt deposits on the equipment surfaces.


Surface-cooled crystallizers combine a draft tube baffle crystallizer body with a heat exchanger. Effectively, this method does not eliminate cycling; but reacts to it to increase total production of large crystals. DTB crystallizers have two distinct volumes. The percent of crystals greater than Tyler 10 mesh are shown in Figure 3 for several successive shifts.

The destruction of the small particles is achieved either by heating or by diluting the brine containing these particles. Forced-circulation crystallization is the most widely used crystallization method in industry. By means of the baffled zone, the operating slurry density within the crystallizer can be regulated at any desired value by controlling the slurry underflow rate and removing the remaining mother liquor from the baffle section.

The circulation through the external fines dissolving circuit provided vraft pump 12 is about 10, gallons per minute. Method and apparatus for the continuous production of a crystallizate having a constant particle size distribution.

The key assumption of an MSMPR crystallizer is that the slurry is perfectly mixed and uniform throughout the system. Japanese Patent publication no. The capacity is aboutgallons.

DTB Crystallizer

This invention relates to a process for crystallization in a draft tube baffle crystallizer wherein cycling in the particle size distribution of the product withdrawn is reduced and the rate of production of crystallizr size crystals is increased. Although the DTB crystallizers can produce a high percentage of their production as crystals of size greater than 1. Go to document finder.


Lighter particles are picked up by the air stream, while heavier ones remain in place. The DT is used for some reaction of flash cooling operations, where the main objective is to provide a well-mixed volume.

Water vapor is removed via line Elutriation tuube the process of flowing air over particles.

Draft Tube Baffle Type | Chem Process Systems

DE Date of ref document: This method consists of adding at constant rate to the crystallizer vessel a suspension of crystals in essentially saturated solution from some external source designated 25 on Figure 1.

Crystallizers Crystallizers are bsffle in industry to achieve liquid-solid separation. ES Ref legal event code: DE Free format text: The DTB crystallizer is built in both the adiabatic crydtallizer and evaporative types and consists of a body in which growing crystals are circulated from the lower portion to the boiling surface by means of a large, slow-moving propeller circulator.

After this has been done, the heated or diluted brine is returned to the crystallizer.