Dreamdark: Silksinger (Dreamdark Series) [Laini Taylor, Cassandra Campbell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Grade Level: Age. Laini Taylor (born December 22, ) is an American young adult fantasy author and a finalist Her first novel, Dreamdark: Blackbringer was published in , the sequel for which was a winner of the Cybil Award. However, she is. Grade Level: Age Level: Listening Level: Whisper Silksinger is no warrior — she’s a weaver of flying carpets. The last surviving member of her clan, .

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Not simplistic,mind you, it all just seemed to flow together so perfectly that, when all was talor revealed and all the pieces began to snick into place, I lakni myself thinking: Mar 14, Chachic rated it really liked it Recommended to Chachic by: I loved every one of them. I’m hoping that because Daughter of Smoke and Bon e is getting a lot of attention, more readers will pick up Laini Taylor’s backlist. I heard that Laini Taylor slaved over the world-building in this book.

The deeamdark is there but the book falls short on plot and character development. The novel moves along we 3. Since then, the fairies have declined from once-great masters of magic and knowledge to smaller, more insular tribes.

One small tsylor delves into her newly discovered magical powers to prevent what seems inevitable. Even though I didn’t think the writing in Blackbringer is as beautiful and lyrical as her YA novels, I still think she created an enchanting world in her first Dreamdark novel and I look forward to seeing how she builds upon that. I have visual images of Batch, the scavenger imp, that I will never get out of my head!


Blackbringer (Faeries of Dreamdark #1) by Laini Taylor

Porter’s narration was spot-on. Although this was written as a young adult novel, I think older fantasy readers would enjoy it. Imagine if faeries and djinn and dragons and humans all existed alongside one another, in a world woven from stories. I wish I had my own pack of cheerful, loyal, cheroot-smoking t This was the sort of book I like to linger over, just enjoying the pretty words and the vivid images.

I didn’t intend to go through the series again, just to reread this one to see if it was as good as I remember it. She must use those powers to defeat the most threatening devil yet, Blackbringer, and save her friends from an inky fate of living in an empty vacuum unraveled but not dead.

Vesper is self-centred and deceitful; Magpie is honourable and dedicated to truth. Our customer reviews I have read many books about fairies this year but this talyor the best of the lot.

Laini Taylor

If he had dreamed in the Dawn Days, perhaps things would have been different. Yet it’s sprinkled methodically throughout, and readers learn everything they need to know as the plot unfolds.

Open Preview See a Problem? I don’t mind novels with multiple POV characters as long as the viewpoint switches at a logical endpoint, like the end of a chapter.

Okay, one tiny spoiler. The narrator, Davina Porter, beautifully illustrates the vitality inherent in the various characters in this novel. It’s a tough job, especially since the seven Djinn that created the world and all of its creatures except, of course, humans went into hiding 4, years ago. But I was expecting a story that would keep me interested and encourage me to keep reading.


It has a sequel, and apparently Taylor hopes to return to this world for another book at some point, and I really hope she does. Ah, nothing like excellent fish and chips!

But after reading this book I really want to read the books again. Recommended for those who enjoyed reading R. How can that be?

I write fantasy books. I was blown away all over again. The first bit of dialogue hooked me; I loved how the characters don’t use some exalted High Language, but instead speak paini a wonderful rough-and-ready dialect. She dreamdrk lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter.

Not that that’s a bad thing The crows are the main ones and they love her and fuss over her, but they don’t really do or say much to talk her out of dangerous adventures.

My landlady happened to borrow Blackbringer or Dreamdark: All that being said, the ending is a little “fairy tale,” but who can begrudge such wonderful creatures a happy ending?

In both stories, faeries have descended from a once-glorious station.