DUA-E-GANJUL-ARSH Hazrat Jibraeel (a.s.) told the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that whoever will recite this dua, Allah (s.w.t.) will bestow upon him with 3 things (1). Published on Jul 10, Dua e gang ul arsh. Dua Ganjul Arsh Published in: Education. 0 Comments; 16 Likes; Statistics; Notes. Full Name. Comment goes. FAZAIL of Dua E Ganjul Arsh: ===================== One day Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting in the Masjid and Hazrat Jibreel.

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It is hopped that through its auspiciousness one may get such a high station on the Day of judgement which others may long for. If one doubts he may invite misfortune for him, God forbid.

It is said that once a culprit who was deserving death punishment hanjul arrested and brought before the ruler of Madina. He described the attributes and advantages of this Dua in detail which if described here would be much lengthy and time consuming.


Unknown April 15, at S said, among other things, that one who recites this Dua would be bestowed upon by Allah three things: In nutshell, the blessings contained in this Dua are countless and no one can describe them fully. Did Rasool Allah s. The person who does jihad will have the upper hand. Dr Gul Mohammad Idrishi April 19, at He will be superior to them. Popular Tags Blog Archives.


What do call if some wears it?? Thererfore here we are giving a jist of the same. Anonymous November 13, at 8: May Your Mercy be Upon them all.

Dua-e-Ganjul Arsh And It’s Attributes – IslamiWazaif

There are many attributes of the Dua provided it is recited with purity of heart and soul. Dear brother, Sunan abi dawood hadees number Asy par lana ap ko ap ka jawab mil jahy ga Taveez phna jaiz ha.

Mainy aik book mai end ka darood dja-e mukhtalif prha hai The One Whose Goodness is close at Hand. S appeared immediately and taught this sacred Dua to the Prophet P. Dr Sahab, jin shops per Quran e Pak dastiyaab hoty hynwahan Dua e GanjulArsh ki micro copy ka taveez bhi milta hy aap wo lysakty hyn. If its amulet Taweez is written in mush and saffron and given for drinking to a barren couple continously kn 21 days, they would get offspring Insha Allah.

H was sitting in the mosque. T here is no creature or entity worthy of worship except for Allah,Glory be to. Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, zrabic most Merciful There are 29 verses in this su Accept our xrabic with your mercy. Fristly, He will give abundance Barkat in his subsistence. There is no creature or entity worthy of worship except for Allah,Nuh the saved of Allah.

The ruler ordered to kill him. If he doesn’t have children, he will get children with the help of this Dua’.


Dua-e-Ganj Ul Arsh

Dear this is not for Taveez, you should recite it daily for getting it’s attributes. He will also remain protected from all sorts of Magic, wicked tactics and notourisity of the Devil as well as all sorts of worldly and heavenly troubles and agonies.

O’The Most Merciful of the Merciful ones. If one transforms all the seven heavens into paper and transforms all the trees dua-w the earth into pens and go on srabic its attributes throughout the futurity, these attributes would not be completed.

Yahan mistake ha I will correct it soon. The mercy of Allah be upon the best of His creations,and the light of His Divine Throne,the best of Prophets,and those who were sent to guide humanity ,Our beloved,leader,support,intercessor and master,Muhammad and upon his family and his selected distinguished companions.

Unknown August 16, at 2: Allah has Bestowed so much bounty on us. There is no creature or entity worthy of on except for Allah,Ibrahim Friend of Allah.

Thereafter he was thrown into the water but did not sink to die. Anonymous May 11, at