PDF | On Jan 1, , D. Sandu and others published Dezvoltare comunitară și regională. Authors and Editors. Dumitru Sandu at University of Bucharest. PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica dezvoltarii comunitare, PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica reflexiva in dezvoltarea comunitara.

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Editor Comunnitara survey in Romania, more. Pathology of higher education in Romania. Challenge and Response in the Dynamics of the Housing Stock, more. Survey microdata from the EUCROSS and the Eurobarometer and national census data from Romania at county level support each other in creating a coherent image of a country that is connected to Europe and North-America by complex transnational fields.

Developments in K-linkage clustering for sociology, more. A theoretical model of social reproduction processes in spatial setting is worked out in order to cope with a lot of empirical data and to reveal their social significance.

The interview was focused on the administrative decentralisation by structuring an comunjtara regional level The main contribution of analysis is to reveal for the first time De Jong, unul dintre autorii value expectancy model impreuna cu J. This typology is not adequate for the departments from Muntenia and Oltenia as a consequence of the unusual great influence the capital city of Bucharest is exerciting over these two regions.

This a synthesis of a rather long interview on the challenges of a failed public administration reform in Romania These distinctions are adequate to characterise every type of social reproduction.

The post change in former Communist societies in East and Central Europe dezvoktare generally viewed as a double transition involving both marketization removal comunitarra state hegemony over the economy anddemocratization move to a Western-style August 10th more.

Baze de date/ Data Basis

In the end it was realized that neither the churches nor the houses could survive without communities. During the first period — the clustering pattern is changing towards a higher degree of similitude between proximate departments and also towards a greater differentiation of patterns of development similitude.

The article is targeted to an understanding of transnational fields of Romanian migration from the point of view destination selection as measured by migration selectivity at different levels. TrustRomanian Studiesand Transition. The first hypothesis, about the lifestyle motivations of Romanian students, is not supported by the data.


dezoltare The theoretical model for data interpretation has as key terms – community capital, networks, migration waves and cumulative causation. Indicele dezvoltarii umane locale Local human development index. Stocks and Flows Aftermore. Two of them “Inhabitant of the Status Space” and “The Entrepreneurial Elite” identify the main actors of reforms in relation to the new social structure and entrepreneurship of Romanian society in transition.

Romanian StudiesMigration Studiesand Transnational migration. Rural SociologyIdeologyand Ruralism. A descriptive analysis introduces types of motivations for the first migration and for returning home.

Sociologul Dumitru Sandu: “Politicienii judecă Strada ca şi cum ar fi cea de acum 10-20 de ani”

Preluat si pe Contributors. The Ministry of Education is silent on the topic and plays the game of not knowing that it is his own responsibility to take a decision. Social Types in Postcommunist Transition: This is the key question of the analysis. Sandu in curs de Regional component of spatial development is added to the book.

The growth of the urbanisation degree of departments is explained by reference to the proximate factors migration and natural increase and to the general causal context of this process.

Population Space and Place.

Dumitru Sandu | University of Bucharest –

It functions as a common denominator of politicaldemographic and housing practices aimed to promote institutional accountability, higher investments in human capital and better housing infrastructure. Community Development and cultural typology of Romanian villages.

The shock of the Saxon exodus put in danger not only historical monuments xumitru fortified Saxon churches but also the viability of many villages that are multi ethnic by tradition, inhabited by Gypsy, Hungarians, Romanians and Saxons. Community modernisation and Transnational migration fields of Romania.

Noile diaspore romanesti intre aici si acolo, more. The roots of the process are identified by typologies and causal prediction analysis. Romanian StudiesDiaspora Studiesdezvlltare Transnational migration. This is an exploratory regional analysis on the migration-development nexus at a county level. For an extension interview on the relations between dummitru reform and youth migration see another interview at https: These representations are evaluated through a field research which focuses on the relationships between state, parties, political institutions.


Dumitru Sandu (Author of Spatiul Social Al Tranzitiei)

Community Development and Romanian villages. The Social Space of Transition. The context of the nexus relations is provided by considering local history and culture at the community level, within the county of Romanian Studies and Migration and Diaspora Studies. In the second one T—the clusters of departments in similitude relations are changing toward a lesser degree of similitude between proximate departments and by redueing the number of specific patterns of development. Noua varianta a dezvolfare este un scor factorial pentru stocul de educatie, speranta de viata la nastere, varsta medie duumitru populatiei adulte si indicele capitalului material.

Designing development regions and Regional Romania.

Different versions of the index were designed and implemented in Romania since mid of 90s. Responsabilitatea pentru proiectarea instrumentelor prin care au fost culese datelepentru validarea si interpretarea lor, precum si pentru modul de construire a unor indici derivati, imi revine in intregime sau in foarte mare masura. In this context, higher predictability means greater variation of the synthetic variable of home orientation by social, cultural and economic factors as compared to the impact of the same factors on the more abstract variable of economic remittances.

The pattern of the relations between the variables of the state of development in departments considered either as a whole or under the aspect of their rural or urban communities is the starting point for the study of the influence of these states on the social phenomena.

The ssndu contribution of analysis is to reveal for the first time in the literature how segment is at origin the Italian field of temporary emigration from Romania at local community level. Nu sunt vizate, in nici un felprin metodologie sau analize, institutiile implicate in realizarea cercetarilor din care provin datele.