French author Claire de Duras’s novel Ourika (), originally published anonymously, centers around the true story of a woman who was purchased as a . Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 3 by duchesse de Claire de Durfort Duras. Ourika by duchesse de Claire de Durfort Duras. No cover. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Ourika, by Claire Duras This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the United States and most other parts of the world at .

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Views Read Edit View history. The juxtaposition of Ourika’s bleak situation in the Polite World and the bloody backdrop of the French Revolution is fascinating. It signifies an important movement from traditional notions of race, nationality, and kinship towards the identity politics of today. No one can gauge how much another has suffered. She is raised well, according to the standards for white Euras girls of high society-she is taught to sing by the best voice coaches, instructed in painting by a famous artist, is well-read and is accomplished in many languages.

An English Translation from Amazon. The loving Madame de B. Oct 23, E. This study guide contains the following sections: Title page from the second edition of Ourika A notable tale of a slave girl, Clare de Duras brought these rights to her readers attention through publication. Yet, because she was both immersed in culture and black, Ourika had no future. The three novellas that she did publish were only done so in order to prevent any possible plagiarism. I had to read this book. A quick, enjoyable read that is easily comprehensible but still leaves much to be analyzed.


I was told I was an angel. She is vastly different from the other protagonists of her time. Refresh and try again. I learned English and Italian, and Mme de B.

Paliyenko Sue Peabody Scott M. In France, slavery was not abolished until Ourika – Claire de Duras – Brina 1 5 Mar 26, She had been purchased in Saint Louis by the Chevalier de Boufflers, then Governor of Senegal, and presented as a gift to Mme de Beauvau who brought her up in Paris just like her own daughter.

Slavery in French colonies would not be abolished until And these ‘lively’ conversations provided fodder for Claire de Duras’s fictional Ourika. Ourika faces lifes challenges with an durss challenge of her own: Ourika’s despondency and ultimate passing show society’s power to break those who have the impudence to challenge its rules.

Approaches to Teaching Duras’s Ourika | Modern Language Association

Ourika is a black woman adopted by a French family, living through the Reign of Terror in France as she discovers her own difference. Introduction by Margaret Waller, Pomona College.

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To imagine that Ourika is a simply a tale about a woman who is distraught over a man is to severely misread the richness of this novel, which offers a complex regard of race, blackness, womanhood, identity, and intercultural acceptance. For perhaps the first time in literary history, author Claire de Duras writes about the life of a black heroine surrounded on all sides by whites.

Duras’s story is based on a few bare bones of historical facts, and was committed reluctantly durras citation needed ] to the page by Claire de Duras.


Ourika: An English Translation Summary & Study Guide

Purika by the priest, Ourika decided to become a nun with Mme. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with Project Gutenberg links Articles with French-language external links Wikipedia articles with BNF identifiers.

Is race a social rather than biological construct? The time spent at Saint-Germain was the happiest in Ourika’s life after the end of her childhood delusions.

Ourika: An English Translation Summary & Study Guide

Lastly, Ourika is the only French novel I have read so far that testifies to the Christian faith. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

When the Revolution took a serious turn, it gave Ourika a wisp of hope that she might find her true place when the chaos settled, but she was soon disabused as she could not stand the great present suffering for the potential of her own small future happiness. The star is for the publisher’s edition: Naturally, I then decided I could not read Possession until I read the first two novels.

Ourika was published anonymously inone of five novels Claire de Duras had written during the previous furas only two of them were published during her lifetime.