Name: Physical. Value Step & Dice Physical Defense Value. /. Player: Dexterity. ( ). Spell Defense Value. /. Discipline: Circle: Strength. (). Social Defense Value. Earthdawn Character Sheet. © William Arnold v GENERAL INFO. ATTRIBUTES. COMBAT STATISTICS. Name: Physical. perception. ❑❑❑. Carrying capacity legend points willpower. ❑❑❑ current: total: charisma. ❑❑❑ initiative. Reputation: renown: karma current: Maximum.

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What about changing ticks into black squares? I love the layout of your character sheets but it is a shame the editing rights set up don’t permit saving the completed sheet, only printing it out. Newer Post Older Post Home. I’ll try to figure it out. Using PDF Escape only provides “checkboxes” with hooks!

If you wonder how you can make the fields of an already finished PDF editable; I used the free online earthdqwn PDF Escape to add checkboxes and editable cjaracter to the sheet.

In the ones I can save it says “Please fill out the following form. Home Downloads What is Aerthdawn Scroll- design sheet mirror As I recently updated the downloads sectionI realized that the Earthdawn Blog provided only once an Earthdawn character sheet.

Earthdawn Blog: Editable Earthdawn character sheets

All fields and checkboxes of the following two versions of the sheet are editable. It was made by ajfel a polish Earthdawn fan and blogger. If a group is in combat with a single enemy and that enemy is locked in a spell like bone dance, do the other attacking characters just get to wail on the enchanted person?


What do You think about this? You cannot save data typed into this form.

Earthdawn Blog: Official Earthdawn 4th edition character sheet available for download

That’s why the following will contain the same content. You can save data typed into this form.

Use pdf-xchange viewer to edit and save the filled sheet. Please print the completed form if you would like a copy for your records. That way when a character learns another Talent the entire sheet doesn’t need to be filled out all over again. I am using the current version of xchange viewer 64bit ciao Elidis thanks for mention me in your article.


If You have any ideas how to improve this sheet, that would be very helpfull. I thought about talent knacks, but as separate, additional page, maybe also with Questors powers. Only solution could be to provide the spell sheet as a stand alone page.

To load a previously saved character just select the corresponding file on your local disk with the following browse dialog and then click the load button.

In order to save the current character to your local disk please press the following button. I mentioned in one of my previous Link Advice a great sheeet sheet.


Earthdawn Character Generator

Don’t reload the page during character creation or you will lose all your entries. I’ll try to fix the size of the hooks soon.

The reader shows a purple bar in both cases. When fields were added any following field will also be named “untitled”. Change LP Character Total: I hope this information has been useful to help you to track down that extra functionality.

It uses some server-side scripts also in order to retrieve the basic data but it would be possible to convert it to a strictly client-side tool. In case of questions drop me a line: But I have some trouble to insert spells in the spell sheet.

How does it look like for you?

Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about it, seems to be a conversion thing. It uses the alternative discipline mechanics as proposed by RedBrick for the 3rd edition but with custom talent options based on the 1st and 2nd edition talents.

Is there any repercussion to the necromancer?