PDF | On, Michael Kifer and others published Ediff User’s Manual. Consult the Ediff doc, starting with the Ediff manual (C-h i, scroll down and choose Ediff) or the doc strings, to learn about Ediff. The web page. Ediff User’s Manual. 1. Introduction, About Ediff. 2. Major Entry Points, How to use Ediff. 3. Session Commands, Ediff commands used within a session.

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It has a red region. Highlighting Difference RegionsPrevious: Post as a guest Name. If Ediff is so powerful, why isn’t it wdiff default mode used by the vc-diff command? Session CommandsPrevious: We’ve already described vc-diffVC’s built-in facility for helping with these tasks. The naming is misleading, pay attention A is the Current buffer, as in what exists in the current branch manial you’re on.

Session Commands Ediff commands used within a session. Full coverage would require an entire chapter, or perhaps even its own handbook, but this introduction will get you started and point you at the built-in manual if you want to delve deeper. The displayed differences will look something like Figure Well despite my ailment imaginary or otherwise I nailed it last week because of beer and jealousy.

There are two buffers in the background, it’s a bit busy but you’ll see once you pay attention. The most challenging situation arises when an optimistic strategy like CVS is proved wrong, and you need to merge incompatible changes made by multiple developers to the same section of a file.

You see it’s re-refined it: By now it should come as no surprise that you can change many details about the way that Ediff works so it better fits your way of thinking and working.


Remote and Compressed Files Eviff may edifv to know about this. In working with any version control system, you sometimes want to compare different revisions of a file. Here we want to make changes to buffer B by either copying entire zones from Edff, or manually editing the ‘refined’ wdiff to what we need them to be.

Ediff For The Brainically Challenged

Inside the red zone are two bright red highlighted areas. If you’re whipping through the buffers, making many changes by selecting appropriate versions to use within the Ediff control window, you may find yourself wanting to save one or the other of your difference buffers. Session CommandsUp: Sign up or manula in Sign up using Google. I present to you, Ediff for the brainically challenged:.

Ediff User’s Manual

Typing this a second time returns to showing the buffers vertically. If you cannot get to that buffer then mnaual you have quit Ediff or you have deleted one of its “vital” buffers, and you will need to start Ediff again from the beginning. After confirming that you really want to do this, Ediff closes the control window and cleans up after itself.

Manually Edit Let’s get manuql, edit buffer B by hand. Selective BrowsingPrevious: Finish off your edit: In emacs, M-x magit-status brings up magit, navigate in the magit buffer to the file you want to use ediff with such as a file that has a manyal conflict and press e. If you want to go to a specific difference, you can type a number followed by j jump to move immediately to that difference.

Shift-b to make buffer B read-only. Yes spelling, imaginary words Major Entry PointsUp: Thanks for the pointer. Highlighting Difference RegionsUp: Other Session CommandsUp: The Ediff control window showing Quick Help Mac OS X In addition to the control window, you’ll see the differences between the files you’re comparing inside the frame you were previously using for editing.


In this case, i want my Merged file to replace my Current file. Emacs Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Press to turn on auto refinement.

The top buffer, A, represents the version of main.

Now I’ve done the common task via C-x ea keyboard macro that changes image-url paths I just created. Credits Thanks to those who helped. This command might cause the control window to lose focus, forcing you to click back into it before issuing the next Ediff command. If we were being really smug we edff to talk about why Rousseau was fantastically brillianter than the rest of those guys.

Comparing with Ediff

Window and Frame ConfigurationPrevious: Customizing the Mode LineUp: Often you’re interested in what’s changed in the current working revision, but sometimes you’re after more historical information. See how the yellow region has the variants, and is named application.

Ediff prompts you for the file you’d like to compare defaulting to the file associated with the current buffer edifr, and the revision s you’d like to compare, defaulting to the version last checked in and the current state of the buffer. Customise allows you to put it in a window in the same frame, which I much prefer. Ediff commands Keystrokes Command name Action Space or n.