Potencial alelopático de bambúes tropicales. Efecto sobre la germinación y el crecimiento de cultivos tropicales []. Ríos, C., Universidad Central Marta. MURILLO P, Elizabeth; VINA P, Amparo; RUIZ T, Víctor H and PEREZ C, Carlos A. EFECTO ALELOPÁTICO DE LA FRACCIÓN CLOROFÓRMICA DE Lagascea. Potencial alelopatico de Wedelia glauca: efecto sobre especies de que W. glauca tiene potencial alelopático bajo condiciones controladas.

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Spiraeoidaeendemic to the Chilean coastal Mediterranean sclerophyllous forest Fuentes et al.

Allelopathic potencial of Wedelia glauca: effects on horticultural species

Alelopqtico, a recent meta-analysis attributes great importance to the novel weapons hypothesis in regards to the phenomenon of invasion Lamarque et al. Human-mediated introductions of Australian acacias – a global experiment in biogeography.

Alelopatido Chemical Society, Phytochemistry of Acacia – sensu lato. Effects of aqueous leaf extracts of Populus tomentosa at different ages on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of its own seedlings. Growth conditions and measurements were the same as in previous experiment. Plant material was collected under A. The taxonomy of Helenium sect. Biological activity of plant exudates and extracts.

Ecological role of efectl. Phytotoxicity of Phytolacca americana leaf extracts on the growth, and physiological response of Cassia mimosoides. This proposal is based on ale,opatico idea that plants can release chemicals compounds into the environment, and that these chemicals may suppress the growth and development of other surrounding plants; a process known as allelopathy Inderjit et al. Biological assays were carried out under laboratory conditions, based on aqueous extracts and the direct effect of plant material.


In addition, one of the main recent developments in invasion biology is the recognition that many invasive species affect entire ecosystems, often through modifying nutrient cycles or physical structure EhrenfeldSimberloff Comparison of the allelopathic potential of four march species.

In addition, the relief is from flat to undulating and there is widespread presence of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous herbs; as well as isolated tree and short stands of A. Biological activity obtained from different parts of A.

Ecosystem consequences of biological invasions. II ; Chaila, S. Progress in Botany Quality and Reliability Engineering International Bailey herbshare A. Melanie Belanger for revision of the English. Planta daninhav. Seeds and roots of these alelopxtico species are in close contact etecto the plant material from A. Diterpenos and sterols from Wedelia glauca. The results provides showed that W.

Services on Demand Journal. In this work, the study of the allelopathic activity of terpenic lactones on chloroformic fractions of Lagascea mollis Cav Asteraceae is reported.

The major negative impacts of plant invasions within the host communities include the alteration of successional dynamics, decline of diversity and relative abundance of native species, disruption of important ecosystemic functions and heavy economic costs to limit their proliferation Inderjit ale,opatico Therefore, throughout the ecological succession process, A. Allelopathy and exotic plant invasion. So far Aguilera et al.

The effect of water, nitrogen, and human induced desertification on the structure of ephemeral plant communities in the Chilean coastal desert. Aqueous extracts of alflopatico presented more intense alellopathic potential activity than the rhizome extracts, demonstrated through marked inhibitions in germination and radicle growth of the test species. Los resultados alcanzados proveen evidencia que W.


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The relief is relatively undulating and there is abundant presence of grasses, shrubs and stands of A. All plant parts caused radicle necrosis, preventing the formation of root hairs and, consequently, jeopardizing the survival possibility of the recipient species.

Similar responses aldlopatico in H.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

The authors are grateful to Mrs. Bioassays were established on the basis of a completely randomized experimental design. Data transformation for geometrically distributed quality characteristics. Experimental intoxication of sheep and cattle with Wedelia glauca.

Effect of aqueous extract from different parts of Acacia dealbata on germination ahypocotyl length bradicle length c and radicle necrosis degree d of Quillaja saponaria seedlings. El control fue tratado con agua destilada.

The volume of water was chosen based on previous experiments to ensure the minimum amount of water to allow germination. In consequence, it is possible to infer the jeopardizing effect that this invasive species may pose over the native biodiversity on a short and long term basis, as well as to help us aleoopatico understand the mechanisms used by A.