Title, El aliento de las tinieblas. Author, Karen Chance. Publisher, La Factoría de Ideas, ISBN, , Length, pages. Buy El aliento de las tinieblas / Touch the Dark Reprint by Karen Chance, Roberto Gelado Marcos (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. Aliento de las tinieblas, El (Pandora) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Karen Chance: : Kindle Store.

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Usually, I’m turned off by non-stop action books. Jan 06, Exina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I could be being unfair, but it’s not like I can unread or block out the books and series I’ve already read.

alieto It is funny how author do that, yes? So much informati I read this book. They also want to get their hands on Cassy to control her power.

Not so action-packed, although there was plenty of that, but the fact that every magical creature, mythology, urban legend, religious legend, and infamous historical person you can think of was included in this story. Time chande – it’s a thing in this story. Wererats – see above.

Touch the Dark

Today her luck has run out – Tony is on to her. One or two would be enough, no need to go overboard. We’ve got ghosts, vamps, shifters, fae, magic, dragons! And in the middle of chahce something, using one of my usual, snarky, totally catchphrase worthy lines, I start mumbling about the scientific explanation behind why the sky is blue. Apr 09, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies added lss Shelves: Touch the Dark by Karen Chance. View all 6 comments. Oct 4 11 14 Oct 12, Through the half that I read, Cassie is either freaking out unnecessarily, or getting angry over benign situations.


I won’t feel it.

And I want to read it! Like that… Well, Chance does this all the time. Cassandra Palmer, the tiniebls evil the protagonist is a clairvoyant and was raised by a vampire who killed her parents to own her. It’s my hope that it doesn’t become a sexual free-for-all like another series I once enjoyed but kicked to the curb.

She’s been found and targeted. Hamilton overuses as well. There was a lot of violence, but this is a violent world. This book really had a cinematic feel that I never fail to find appealing in a good urban fantasy novel. I wasn’t disappointed with Karen Chance’s first effort.

However, this series is rather popular, and Aliemto heard that the books become markedly better as you continue. But I won’t be giving chznce book an extra s Let’s get straight to the core of this review: What I love about this series is that it grabs you as soon as you start reading and drags you straight into the action. View all 10 comments. And yet, somehow, this ends up being pretty fun.

I have finally found a new Urban Fantasy vampire series to rave about and it’s about time. This book is like that horror movie that has all the elements of a good, frightful time, but goes so over-the-top that it ruins the show. This is obviously the first book in a series, it seems to suffer the first book urban fantasy syndrome — but I still really enjoyed it. Audio Review Cynthia Holloway is a good narrator.

El aliento de las tinieblas – Karen Chance – Google Books

The info-dumps were poorly done and most of the characters were flat and unoriginal. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. SMH Fey – we only meet an evil little Tinkerbelle, but there is reference to a lot of them. He really saved the novel for me and he makes me glad I bought the whole series. Jun 08, Quinn rated it liked it Shelves: The romance aspect was different than run-of-the-mill PNR because there wasn’t a clear love interest for a while.


Honestly, it was a bit overloaded with fantasy; I wish Karen Chance had left some things untouched, at least until the later books of the series. Three years later at the beginning of the book – the previous stuff was all backgroundCassandra is hiding from Tony in Atlanta.

Oh, and by the by, Jack the Ripper is in this group. The second half is full of surprises, twists and turns, betrayal, mystery, and magic. Karen Chance also introduced WAY too many characters for the first book in a series. I know there’s a faction on this site that swears by Pritkin’s sexiness, but I found him to be like a yapping ankle-biting dog that you just want to punt across the room. Time travel is a tricky concept.

Gangster Vampires – bad guys trying to kill Cassy because she ratted out their organization to the cops who don’t believe in vampires, but they got them on tax evasion.