Liebert Series Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) for the Single Module The Series UPS has been designed for Commercial/Industrial use only. Single Phase UPS system S i n g l e m o d u l e a n d ‘1 + N’ (e x p a n d a b l e) UNINTERRUPTIBLEPOWERSYSTEM User Manual EMERSON Network Power. Single phase ups system • Read online or download PDF • Emerson User Manual.

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This is located inside the 7400k cabinet if used or is otherwise located adjacent to the battery racks Mimic panel LED LS2 should illuminate and LS7 alarm should extinguish.

Cable connection 50kVA, V, 1 Ph.

When the necessary action to correct the problem has been taken, this procedure should be followed to restore the UPS back to its normal operating condition following, a controlled transfer to bypass or when the Remote Emergency Power Off switch has been activated.

If you encounter any problem with the procedures contained in this manual you should seek immediate assistance from Emerson Network Power India Pvt. Magnetic components – Check for signs of overheating, security of fixture and signs of delamination. LS3 – Bypass supply OK: This is the normal response of the boost charge facility: In the event of a mains power failure, the rectifier becomes inoperative and the inverter is powered solely from the battery.

Measure and record the UPS output voltage on all three phases. Being designed to furnish a well regulated 3 phase output power supply under all rated load e,erson input supply conditions, the system offers the user the following advantages: Communication takes place via a emeerson ribbon cable connected between the modules as illustrated in figure 4.

Use one connector only -i. When this switch is pressed, the lower line of the LCD Display shows the output phase voltage w. A battery can present a risk of electric shock or burn from high short circus currents.

Liebert – Emerson Series Ups System – Energetic Sales & Services, Dehradun | ID:

However, this also can be mounted inside a panel. Kashi Kunji, Road No. Got it, continue to print.


When using mains-powered test equipment such as oscilloscopes in the UPS voltage area, always use a differential mode of operation to disconnect the oscilloscope frame earth.

The RAM is required to be mounted vertically.

Three Phase Grey Emerson Liebert 30 KVA Hardly Used UPS, Commercial and Industrial IT Load For Use

Carry out the weekly checks detailed above. This entails working inside the equipment in regions containing hazardous voltages. The UPS has its own internal voltage and frequency regulator circuits which ensure that its output is maintained within close tolerances independent of voltage and frequency variations on the mains power lines.

Do not under any circumstances make internal circuit adjustments or interfere with the circuit boards in any other way. Series UPS Isolator configurations 1.

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All relevant parts of the manual should be read prior to commencing installation. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. If you are unsure as to how to undertake the actions detailed – or if several LED indications are emegson and you are unable to distinguish between the likely cause and affects – then seek immediate assistance from an approved service agent.

Three Phase Emerson 60 KVA Hardly Used UPS, 7400M

Connect one-plus-one parallel control ribbon cables between the Parallel Interface boards of both modules. Inverter will not turn ON unless output isolator is closed. Isolate the UPS input mains supply externally also the bypass supply if a split bypass is in use and isolate the battery.

Once again, the voltage supplied to these terminals must be generated fmerson an external power source and not taken from the UPS internal low voltage supplies.

Emerson m 【 OFFERS December 】 | Clasf

Operator Control Panel 1. All the operator panel led indications and messages should extinguish as the mains driven internal power supplies decay.


Short terminal with the help of suitable wire. If their removal is necessary ensure that sufficient manpower is available, otherwise use adequate mechanical handling equipment. Connecting the parallel interface cables. Control switches Seven tactile switches are located on the Operator Panel, together with an emergency stop push button which is fitted with a safety cover to prevent inadvertent operation.

These LEDs, which are annotated in figure7, show the current UPS operational status and should be interpreted as detailed below. The end of battery discharge is assumed when the battery voltage falls to Emefson. LS7 alarm should extinguish. Connect the safety earth and any necessary bonding earth cables to the copper earth busbar located on the floor of the equipment below the power connections.

Shut down the UPS following the recommended operating procedure. Listen for any noticeable change in audible noise. The installation diagrams in the back of this manual identifies the location of the holes in the base plate through which the equipment can be bolted to the floor.

Thoroughly clean inside the equipment enclosure using a vacuum cleaner and low pressure air to remove any foreign debris. This circuit breaker is closed manually, but it contains an undervoltage release coil which enables it to be tripped from the Emeron control electronics following certain detects for faults. In all cases, the message automatically resets when the alarmed or warning condition reverts to normal.

Information concerning prevailing load conditions can prove useful when discussing problems with the service agent – for example, details of any particular load being started or shed at the time that the fault occurred. Emersin such an event the load is transferred to an unprocessed bypass supply as described later. OPEN This is a status alarm. Free Classified ads in India.