EN Measurements and intervals. The third part of the standard defines preferred numbers of primary and secondary body dimensions. The product. EN /LC I.S. xxx: Irish Standard – national specification based on the consensus of an expert panel and subject to public. BS EN describes a flexible sizing system based on body dimensions and the related size labelling information for consumers.

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Where men’s garments use the chest girth, women’s clothes are designed for a certain bust girth. This proposal was agreed upon inbut later disregarded.

The standard further suggests that arm length can be associated with height according to this table:. It is based on the body dimensions of the wearer, measured in centimetres. The standard EN “Size designation of clothes” is based on: The European standard EN also defines bra sizes based on the “bust girth” and the “underbust girth”.

The following table shows the primary and secondary dimensions listed in the standard. EN Size designation of clothes is em European standard for 14302-3 clothes sizes. Retrieved 29 October Parts of this article those related to part 4 of the standard need to be updated.

It will define a compact coding system for clothes sizes. The full list of centimetre figures rn the pictogram contains a lot of redundancy and the same information can be squeezed into fewer characters with lookup tables. The standard also defines a pictogram that can be used in language-neutral labels to indicate one or several of the following body dimensions. Retrieved from ” https: Link to Us Donate.


The label states characteristic measures of the product.

European clothing standard EN 13402 pictogram generator

Views Read Fn View history. This approach has led to a number of problems: The standard also suggests that neck girth can be associated with chest girth according to this table:.

All body dimensions are 1302-3, preferably without or as few as possible clothes, in centimetres, except for the body mass which is measured in kilograms kg. It aims to replace many older national dress-size systems, starting in the year List of EN standards.

It is based on body dimensions, measured in centimetres.

For problems or assistance with this site, send an email to Mobilefish. This tool does not account for the EN standard.

Online Conversion – The European Clothing Standard EN

Each range combines two adjacent size steps. EN defines several such tables. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. This approach has led to a number of problems:.

Wikipedia articles in need of updating from September All Wikipedia articles in need of updating Use dmy dates from January Traditionally, clothes have been labelled using many different ad hoc size systems.


Archived from the original on 3 December Primary and secondary dimensions The second part of the standard defines for each type of garment one “primary dimension”.

BS EN 13402-3:2017

The standard does not define such a code for children. The third part of the standard defines preferred numbers of primary and enn body dimensions.

The standard defines similar tables for other dimensions and garments, only some of which are shown here. An earlier draft of this part of the standard attempted to list all in-use combinations of EN measures and assigned a short 2- or 3-digit code to each. The first part [2] of the standard defines the list of body dimensions to be used for designating clothes sizes, together with an anatomical explanation and measurement 134023.

EVS-EN – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

Check out our Conversion Software for Windows. Original article can be found here. Women Girls Men Boys. 1402-3 is a European standard for labeling clothes sizes.