Enermax Liberty W Modular Power Supply. Company: Coolergiant / Enermax Product: ELTAWT Date Reviewed: April 18, Reviewed By: Jason. My latest object of torture is the brand new Liberty Eco series at W, an update of the original Liberty series to add 80 Plus certification. Our second PSU review today is of the high-end enthusiast friendly Enermax ” Liberty” ELAWT watt power supply.

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It’s got enough information in it to get by, in several different languages. Customer review No Review Yet This is your chance!

We put OCZ’s revamped ModXStream Pro to the reviewers block to see if it’ll hold up to our barrage of tests in order to evaluate noise, efficiency and power quality. We check to see if the quality of Corsair’s range continues down to the low end A small selection of power supplies in the most popular wattage range that were seen in Custom PC magazine’s latest PSU labs test.


The bottom half is all ground wires. Orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis. Unit Dimensions L x W x H. Please enter the text in the following text field. Enermax has liberry going very strong with their power supply and fans. Excellent prompt service, thanks. The top half is split up thus: Combined 12V rating for this unit is a respectable 48A, divided up into two 30A 12V rails.


Another side of the box features this handy dandy connector and cable diagram which tells you what cables and connectors are present on, liverty, all three Eco models.

ENERMAX – Product

Liverty a question Compare. New item that you can order before we receive stock. One power supply, some modular cables, a pouch in which to put those modular cables, a user guide, a nice thick power cord, and a bag with a case label and some screws.

Very few products get this certification. Let’s startup the review and have an overall look.

Enermax “Liberty” EL620AWT 620-watt Power Supply

Newsletter Sign Up Register now for the latest products and special offers! As mentioned earlier, all the modular cables are 12V1.

Enermax UK Price as Reviewed: If the cables and connectors are lopsided towards one rail or another, this could actually be a disadvantage. Opening the box, we get our first look at the neatly packed contents. The item is out of stock and estimated delivery date is not known at this time.

Enermax Liberty Eco W Review

We want nicely libwrty cooled and preferably lit PCs with side windows so we could actually look at the inside of the PC. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. The dull beige painted PCs had to go.

Wait, does 620e mean Enermax doesn’t want you to use the whole W, or just go to W and no further? Still another side of the box features some fancy graphs on how the advanced fan controller will keep this unit quiet, how well the EMI filtering works too bad I can’t test for thatand how the fan is designed to cut down on noise from turbulence. For very little money you could have a Corsair designed, Seasonic built W power supply for budget builds.


We check to see if the quality of Corsair’s range continues down to the low end Corsair’s VXW might be just what you’re looking for.

Thanks a bunch, Enermax, now I can have the cleanliness of wire sleeving and the tangled variety of rainbow colored wires all in one handy package. Be the first to review this product. The two reasons mentioned above from a consumer point of view have been by far the most important development for PSUs, namely stable high output quality power distribution and the option for modability, using only the wires what you need.

Supported by the biggest tech community forums. Almost ANY manufacturer has picked up on this trend and is has become a very big market for sure. Excellent service and super fast delivery.