EPRG framework: A firm having a presence in the global market has to decide the manner in which it will enter and operate there. Firms in the international. Abstract. The aim of this paper is to present the fundamental ideas behind EPRG model. They are discussed with some illustrating examples. Moreover, some. ethnocentric polycentrism regiocentrism geocentrism ethnocentric domestic techniques and personnel are considered superior polycentrism local personnel .

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They possess a strong regional identity. Ethnocentric companies that do conduct business outside the home country can be described as international companies, they adhere to frameework notion that the products that succeed in the home country are superior and, therefore, can be sold everywhere without adaptation.

Advance Tax refers to paying a part of your taxes before the end of the financial year.

It may homogenize the product for the EC. For the automobile firm, this homogenization involves providing safety belts which are legally requiredair bags for protecting the driver in a collusion and even converting the vehicle from left hand to right hand drive and from standard transmission to automatic transmission. In the ethnocentric international company, foreign operations are viewed as being secondary or subordinate to domestic ones. Plans for overseas markets are developed utilizing policies and procedures identical to those employed at home.

By clicking “Sign up” you indicate that you have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. For a manufacturing firm, ethnocentrism means foreign markets are viewed as a means of disposing of surplus domestic production. Here, the firm researches the markets, understands customers and competition in the region and evolves competitive strategies.

After completing my post graduation I thought to start a website where I can share management related concepts with rest of the people. The case of European Silicon Structures illustrates the practice of geocentric organizations. It does not require much investment. This assumption lays the groundwork for each subsidiary to develop its own unique business and marketing strategies in order to succeed, the term multinational company is often used to describe such a structure.


This is because it does not need to send skilled managers out to maintain centralized policies. Also called pay-as-you-earn scheme, advance tax is the income tax payabl A geocentric company develops standardized marketing mix, projecting a uniform image of the company and its products for the global market. This is the firm which is a global firm. A polycentric firm P is one that exports to not just one market but to several markets. A firm which plans to go international has to take a series of st Global channels of distribution are established and promotional policy is developed to project a uniform image of the firm, and its products.

For example, Norway and Spain are both in Europe, but are very different in climate, culture, transport, retail distribution, and so on.

International Organization Decision is the last step involved in the More. The business of the geocentric company is characterized by sufficiently distinctive national markets that the ethnocentric approach is unworkable, and where the importance of learning curve effects in marketing, production technology and management makes the polycentric philosophy substantially sub-optimal.

Enter your new password here. Self-Assessment is a system under which the taxpayer is required to declare the basis of his assessment e. It is generally viewed as economical and manageable. The basic assumption of this approach is that all human beings are alike. In general, the desirability of a particular international orientation EPRG tends to depend on several factors which are as follows: Such companies do not adapt their products to the needs and wants of other countries where they have operations.

Often there are major differences between countries in a region.

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Global marketing now takes birth. The issue of pricing and payment terms is also important. A person who assumes his or her home country is superior compared to the rest of the world is said to have an ethnocentric orientation. It had hundred per cent subsidiaries in different part of the world and India was no exception.


Regiocentricism R occurs when a firm is focused a particular region, for example, Europe or North America or Asia-Pacific. It is responsible for administering following direct taxation acts passe In these companies, opportunities outside the home country are ignored. Homogenization may involve making product environment friendly, i. frameqork

EPRG Framework

This develops an affiliated corporate epg and aids transfer core competences more easily. There is hardly any or minimal product adaptation for the foreign markets. Principal driving force in global marketing: A regiocentric organization sees similarities and differences in a world region, and designs strategies around this.

No systematic marketing research is conducted outside the home country, and no major modifications are made to products. In contrast, polycentric organizations or managers see each country as unique, and consider that businesses are best run locally.

There are many ma Geocentric G firms are those that consider the world as their home market. Hence, for them, market entry strategy is a choice among the myriad ones.

When they look to new markets they rely on what they know and seek similarities with their own country. How about receiving a customized one? They also know that the only way to fight price was at a global level is to have a presence of a global brand in the market place.

A careful reader will understand that the prime motivation for global marketing is global competition. Com ma economics ma education ma history ma political science ma frxmework ma public administration master degree programs vocational courses.

In the present day See full list of related question in international marketing management. Further, framesork had not done anything to either develop the soft drink market or industry and most Coke bottlers operated slow speed bottling plants. The board of most transnational companies continued to be dominated by the home country citizens.