Mortal Coils has ratings and reviews. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies said: We must not let the other family have such power ove. Mortal Coils (Mortal Coils, #1) and All That Lives Must Die (Mortal Coils, #2). Fifteen-year-old twins Eliot and Fiona Post are, unbeknownst to them, descended from two age-old warring dynasties. Their oppressive.

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Mortal Coils Series

This book takes a number of mythologies and gave it an exceedingly interesting spin. This further enriches and complicates the world and its narrative in a way that helps suggest that the world “continues” beyond the borders of its pages. Rather than nglund the pair, Immortals create three Trials; Infernals add three Temptations. We’re left wondering who everyone is, what their nortal is to the two main characters and who their parents truly are.

My philosophy is that life is simply too short to read or finish books that don’t delight or inspire you, and being charged with elitism is sometimes the price you have to pay for that preference.

There are demonic creatures from Christian mythology and other legends who come to life Eliot is gentler and that is also manifested in his supernatural abilities. Beal failed to kill beast before.


Secondly, they were useless! Being the story of year-olds who discover they’re very special after all, and their bookish learning can pay off in tangible nylujd, this is an ideal YA book. How did you get picked to write the HALO novels? The twins are well drawn and have a complicated sibling relationship which I found believable and a delight.

Eliot and Fiona are twins, they’ve been raised in a bizarrely restricted household by their hyper-rational grandmother and their loving but frail and rather ditzy great-grandmother. I gave this book a fair shake about pagesbut I just couldn’t find the willpower to finish it.

Or—you can go the indie route: They are orphans, parents mysteriously dead, oh, somewhere, somehow.

Eric Nylund

Can you answer questions for a school project? For their mother’s side they must pass three heroic quests while the fallen angels on their father’s side have three temptations for them.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Generally people may have some redeeming traits, but I don’t have to like them, and don’t.

Jan 27, C. I have an idea for a HALO novel.

Mortal Coils – Eric Nylund

If shyness were a disease, Fiona would reic been rushed to intensive care and put on a social respirator. It’s like Nylund spends almost a book’s length proving to himself that he can worldbuild with the best of them, and only then does he allow himself to do what he does best: I liked all the side characters too, they were extremely complex and well written.


They will face attempts at seduction, they will discover powers they never knew they had. Reminds me of how unhappy true orphan Harry Potter https: I’ll have to think about whether I’ll read the sequel.

faq – Eric Nylund

The supporting cast of gods, goddesses, and wicked things is very colorful. No shit, they’re not who they seem. It took me a long time to read and I had to push through at a few points.

Trial 2 did scare me though! The Playground of the Imagination, as Larry Niven calls it. While being tested for godhood, the twins become more human. Eliot and Fiona must prove themselves in a series of 3 tests and temptations.