Remuz Role-playing game archive. Powered by h5ai v Everway – Character , , KB. file, Everway – Game Master Guide. Like the title says: It is my experience that Everway doesn’t work. If one were able to macro-analyse all instances of RPG play since the. Buy Everway Visionary Roleplaying: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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I haven’t revisited Everway since that one unproductive session over ten years ago, other than to read it and try to figure out how to do it right. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The original edition contained the “Fortune” deck of thirty-six cards, used for “divination” and action-resolution, as well as ninety “Vision” cards used as source material. Here are three sets of comments on how to stat up opponents from my Everweb site: I’d say that the first step to running Everway in a fun and engaging way while still playing more-or-less by the rules-as-written would be to engage with the system on its own terms, rather than as a defective version of rrpg game.

All of my Everway games were as far away from railroady as it’s possible to get.

[Everway] doesn’t work

How is that a sucky thing? Equipment such as weaponry is handled completely abstractly, with no specific rules for item cost, carrying capacity, or combat statistics. I’ll never reject voidsharks.

But of course that’s not a complete model; it just covers action resolution.


The players decided what every single adventure was about, why it mattered to them, and how they went about it. Except we’re not comparing numbers, we’re playing a roleplaying game.

Wouldn’t be much to playing the game if you didn’t make any choices now and then, would there? We couldn’t make sense of the stats in the fiction, couldn’t figure out how to make monsters, and couldn’t figure out how to make fighting already-made monsters interesting.

Understand that I am totally in love with the Fortune resolution mechanic, which almost-but-not-quite works and is at any rate beautiful and cool. The new Magic statistic has a 1—10 rating and point cost, and can be no higher than the Element on what it is based. The last question is probably not interesting, because the answer is probably along the lines of “don’t be a dick”.

How tough is the demon? Neither is wholly effective by itself. The meanings are printed on the cards e. It’s clutching its face and sort of half crawling around on the floor, blood everywhere.

I acknowledge that maybe my memory of that session might be warped by the emotions it engendered.

Just as it’s about to catch you, this guy”–another PC–“shows up and puts an arrow through its eye. I like what Jonathan says here: Unsourced rpb may be challenged and removed. I mean, fuck, if that’s a hack of the game, I’m down with it. Colin, what didn’t work for you?

In the end, it never got anywhere because I made the circle a bit too tame as a setting. I might be judging to too harshly if I compare everwway body of Everway technique to, say, the body of PTA technique.


[Everway] doesn’t work – Story Games

Roll up a new character! While you’re at it, you can grab a few boosters of Evefway Empires and a case of Rage. Not this, though– Everway has, to me, a sort of “timeless” feel and a very multi-genre angle that warrants exploration more than story arc management. Drama resolution can also be applied at the meta-level of “Is the story over yet? No, I’m not rubbing it in. And I guess I see a way to make it the game I want it to be. John Harper Adventure prep came from the picture cards the players used to form the stories of their PCs.

Everway – Wikipedia

Each character begins with twenty points to divide between four Element scores roughly equivalent to statistics for Strength FirePerception WaterIntelligence Air and Endurance Earth. Your synopses above no challenge, no progress, no chance are way, way off the mark as far as everrway Everway goes.

Works fine for me. That is so cool.

Time to try to maneuver it into falling into the magical vortex, or maybe go grab that weird looking spear you saw in the throne room, or Evwrway also came out before it had a chance to benefit from the lessons learned from games like, well, itself.

This is done by choosing an Element for its basis, which affects its theme; e.

Hey Colin, How about a snippet of your actual play experience.