The wiki is your best bet. I’ve had a few Fluent NHibernate posts on my blog, but most of that content is mirrored on the wiki anyway. Contribute to FluentNHibernate/fluent-nhibernate development by creating For example if you need to ensure all string properties mustn’t be. It uses strongly typed C# code to map class attributes to database table fields. In this Fluent NHibernate tutorial, we are going to cover the following topics.

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Fluent NHibernate Tutorial | C# Windows CRUD Example

How to start using NHibernate? Hi i have downloaded the but while running its creating the table in database but then after its giving me following error.

Fluent NHibernate Tutorial Update: Stuart Childs 3, 1 14 Here is a 4-part blog posting about FluentNHibernate. That enables you to query and manipulate data from a database using an object paradigm. Create a Console App.


WriteLine ” Department Created: Create Your Business Entities The nhibernaet step is creating your entities in your project: Darko Kenda 3, 21 Hi, I had the same problem, after looking online for a solution I found out that you need to add the “Castle.

Useful article for beginner.

Sign up using Facebook. That helped me a lot maybe you should try.

Sebek Kaa 5-Jan 4: Create truetrue. Member7 Feb Remember to add virtual keyword to your property, that is used by NHibernate that will create proxy at runtime to allow lazy load you can skip fluenr for now, I will discuss in depth in my next article. Why do we use this technology?

Really helpful for beginners. How to do that?

Fluent NHibernate Tutorial | C# Windows CRUD Example

This article will give all that you need to get and modify data into a SQL database using NHibernate. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. I’ve had a few Fluent NHibernate posts on my blog, but most of that content is mirrored on the tutrial anyway.


Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but then you didn’t say either. The GitHub project page has got all the basic examples you need: Yehuda Shapira 5, 4 32 Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Hope this article will give you the fundamentals of Fluent NHibernate.

Xorsat 2, 17 An existing project I joined uses ClassMapping and configuration in. Articles Quick Answers Messages. Any future change that happened on the entity should change the map here too:.

It’s also very handy to have links to my research on stackoverflow. Do the same for FluentNHibernate.