Fluxbox provides a number of window management features such as which can be manually included in an existing root menu definition. This is the new documentation for Fluxbox, an X11 window manager. controls the appearance of the popup menu that you see when you right click on the. Fluxbox provides configurable window decorations, a root menu to launch applications and a .. Users are free to manually edit the slitlist file.

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This is also set in the Iconbar Mode menu. Before changing it, there are a few things necessary to know. A middle-click mouse button 2 on the desktop shows you the Workspace Menu. The root menu must begin with a [begin] tag and end with an [end] tag, and every tag must be on its own line. If not, there always are man pages for further information.

For those who are not sure what they like, it is also possible to install all three file managers in order to try each one. This enables users to more readily see the contents of their keys and init files for Fluxbox. This setting enables a user to change workspaces by dragging a window across the edge of the screen. Fluxbox From Gentoo Wiki. An [end] tag is required to end the submenu. Think of it as a dock where you can place smaller programs.

fluxbox-menu(5) Manual Page

Some applications may re-set their own title from time-to-time, wiping out your setting. When this option is on, tabs are fixed in window titlebar and the width varies according to the amount of windows grouped. This menu shows any iconified or, minimized windows.


See the fluxbox-apps 5 for details. If manuql is enabled the slit will disappear after a defined time when the mouse pointer leaves the slit. These allow users to place the slit and toolbar where they like. This tells fluxbox to create and parse a new menu, which is inserted as a submenu into the parent menu.

Mnaual specifies whether tabs should be embedded in the titlebar or placed outside the window. Fluxbox can also remember certain attributes of individual application windows and restore these settings the next time the window opens.

Setting this to 0 will ignore xinerama information. Fluxbox comes with a very weak set of default keysets. Run xterm 1 to open a new terminal. This tells fluxbox how much memory it may use to store cached pixmaps on the X server. If command is omitted, fluxbox restarts itself. These resources are available to the user to set different levels of transparency for different components of fluxbox.

The only way to prevent this is to either background X11 or run it fluxbbox screendetach fluxbos screen session, then logout of the console. This optionally specifies the location of a user-defined window menu. Restart the whole darn thing.

Fluxbox – Gentoo Wiki

If omitted, the title will be the same as the label. There are several polkit agents available and if a desktop profile is used, one of them will already be installed.

Location of the currently selected style.


Run it with the following options as a non-root user to generate a menu:. It has the same possible values as sesion.

fluxbox(1) — fluxbox — Debian stretch — Debian Manpages

This same syntax is used for the CustomMenu command, also mentioned in fluxbox-keys 5. The user can set whether they want to have a toolbar on screen at all. Clicking on a window in this menu will raise it on the current workspace. This tells fluxbox that it is at the end of a menu. Retrieved from ” https: This begins ffluxbox [encoding] section and specifies the string encoding of all strings until the matching [endencoding] tag.

fluxbox(1) – Linux man page

Location of the file used to remember slit client ordering. If command is supplied, it shuts down and runs the command which is commonly the name of another window manager.

The commands unique to this menu are discussed in detail in the Window Menu section. Remember that you can confirm this with fluxbox -i. The four options are: F,uxbox, only the titlebar will work.

For example, some people find that Metacity, GNOME’s window manager, simply does not have the flexibility they need, but that Fluxbox does not have all the built-in applications and integration they desire from a complete desktop environment. Middle clicking on a border or titlebar will immediately lower the window.