Turretin is especially known as a zealous opponent of the theology of Saumur ( embodied by Moses Amyraut, and called Amyraldism), as an earnest defender of . STEPHEN NICHOLS: We’re in Dr. Sproul’s library again, and this time we’ve pulled Francis Turretin’s three-volume Institutes of Elenctic. About Turretin, he added, “If you want to find sound theology, here it is.” So who is this giant from the past? Francis Turretin spanned most of the.

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Such perfection is in the word carried over into the versions. Question 1 on Theology Francis Turretin: Question 2 on Theology Francis Turretin: And if more disciples of Jesus Christ were to pick this work up and read it, then live it, the church would a force to be reckoned with in this 21st century.

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Turretin explained how to reconcile copyists and printer errors from divine preservation: The former works objectively, the latter efficiently; the rfancis strikes the ears from without, the latter opens the heart within. Our adversaries deny this; we affirm it. Turretin filled the pulpit there for a time.

Turretin explains the function of the church in relation to the Scriptures: Amyraut taught the doctrine of hypothetical Universalism: Were the sacred Scriptures written only occasionally and without the divine command? Not afterward, both because the copies circulated among Christians would have rendered such attempts futile, and because no trace of any such corruption appears Turretin said, “Most papists contend that many canonical books have been lost in order that thus they may prove the imperfection of Scripture and francjs necessity of tradition to supply its defects.


Turrettini is especially known as a zealous opponent of the theology of the Academy of Saumur [2] embodied by Moise Amyraut and called Amyraldianismas an earnest defender of the Calvinistic orthodoxy represented by the Synod of Dortand as one of the authors of the Turgetin Consensuswhich defended the formulation of predestination from the Synod of Dort and the verbal inspiration of the Bible.

The prophet as God-inspired theopneustos cannot err, but the interpreter as a man lacks no human quality since he is always liable to err. Rather he is common to the whole church and so to all believers in whom he works the feancis faithalthough he is such subjectively with regard to each individual because he is given separately to each turreitn.

Francis Turretin

Turretin says, “The providence of God proves that the sources have not been corrupted. Since God has seen fit for weighty reasons to commit his word to writing. Turretin said, “Whatever is called tudretin pillar and stay of the truth is not therefore infallible Therefore, under this relation scheseithey may be exposed to errors and admit of corrections, but nevertheless are authentic as to the doctrine they contain which is divine and infallible.

Hence arises this question concerning the perfection of the Scriptures between us.

From what source does the divine authority of the Scriptures become known to us? The former relates to the substance of doctrine which constitutes the internal form of the Scriptures. Turretin made a good argument for evangelism: We mean their apographs which are so called because they set forth to us the word of God in the very words of those who wrote under the immediate franis of the Franciw Spirit.

Turretin surely knew “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.


Or may we desert the reading it supplies, if judged less appropriate, and correct it either by comparison of ancient translators, or by suitable stochastike judgment and conjecture, and follow another more suitable reading?

Some quotes were also taken from the work below which we have updated and published. Therefore they are not suspended upon any condition outside of God.

François Turrettini – Wikipedia

Now it would be absurd asystaton to say that the apostles wrote as God inspired and moved them and yet that he did not command them. Turrettini greatly influenced the Puritansbut until recently, he was a mostly forgotten Protestant scholastic from the annals of church historythough the English translation of his Institutes of Elenctic Theology is increasingly read by students of theology.

Not before because Christ would not have passed it over in silence for he does censure the various departures in doctrinenor could he bear to use corrupted books The Institutes was widely used as a textbook, up to its use at Princeton Theological Seminary by the Princeton theologians only to be replaced by Charles Hodge ‘s Systematic Theology in the late 19th century. Matthew McMahon Creationism or Traducianism?

François Turrettini

Turretin, inwas called to the chair of philosophy at the Geneva Academy. Institutes of Elenctic Theology. The first relates to the necessity of versions ; the second to their authority