I am coming to Heyer in the opposite way, after reading countless romances, including many Regencies. Frederica is the first book I have read by Georgette. Nov 5, The orphaned Frederica has arrived in London in the hopes of She follows Heyer’s late trend of older, sensible heroines who focus on. Frederica is one of Heyer’s best heroines – resourceful, funny, and intelligent. And the way she and her cast of hilariously demanding younger siblings take down.

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It started with a deep friendship.

She is so caught up in her plans for her siblings that she truly doesn’t see how Charis doesn’t want the kind of marriage that Frederica plans for her. The story is set in I should add that I have not fredeerica the book so this is purely my own taste.

Then came Frederica, upsetting his cool calculations, thrusting responsibilities upon him, intruding more and more into the ordered pattern of his life, and casting him into a state of frdderica doubt. Frederica and her siblings travel to London with the hopes of applying to Lord Alverstoke, their father’s cousin, for help to introduce her sister to the ton.

Don’t worry about the money. But the man can raise rrederica quizzing glass like nobody’s business.

Charis whose angelic beauty makes Frederica think that beyer she needs is a season in London to land a good husband. The Real Downton Abbey. To learn about steam-engines! Recommended to Anne by: How about my secretary takes you? She was charming and well-behaved, yet also independent and determined.


Desert Isle Keeper

This book feels more modern than some others. The footman hurries upstairs to Alverstoke’s dressing-room, and the valet lets him in after telling him to stay put and not make a single noise, because their master is tying his neckcloth.

Notify me of new posts via email. The Grand Sophy When the incomparable Sophy arrives in London to stay with her aunt she takes the house, and the tonby storm. I’m no expert on this period in English history, but there was such a preponderance of slang and colloquial phrases thrown about in the novel that no matter how meticulously researched they were, it made me think how ridiculous it would be to read a book set in the 90’s and have the characters crying out, “sick!

Georgette Heyer: Frederica

See 2 questions about Frederica…. It’s the story of a beautiful woman and her season, sort of. But what was once a perfectly tame and boring life freederica rather unexpected and topsy-turvy as Lord Alverstoke finds himself drawn more and more into the Merriville family.

I totally agree with everything you wrote.

When Alverstoke is all, “Oh my god, I don’t love her, but I want to do everything I can to make her life easier. Then when he finally comes down: But I am not blind to your faults, and I do not think that everything you do or say is right! Many readers grew up reading Georgette Heyer and came to love romance and Regencies in particular because of their similarities to her work. Her Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by Jane Austen.


But I have no thought of marriage! There’s a lot of dry wit in this, and plenty of passages made me smile or even laugh out loud. Suffice it to say, Heyer’s description of things like the ballooning is amazing! So, their oldest sister, Frederica has taken charge of everything, including her siblings.


Lisa Fernandes October 22, at 6: Charis, is a natural beauty and Frederica is sure she co Lord Alverstoke is bored. Seen Fredeica the Ether: I regret having to take this action.

His transformation from confirmed, self-absorbed bachelor to dedicated family man is so gradual that he is completely unaware that it is happening. It is similiar in tone and presentation to Venetiaanother of her mature romances in which the eventual happy lovers become very believable friends first.

Will you please launch Charis and me into society?

Georgette Heyer: Frederica – Regency Reader

But I had not anticipated that I would find every single page delicious, and that the ending would leave me desperately wishing there was a sequel. After bowing to so many recommendations to give the author a try, I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying my fredeirca of her work.

Published August 27th by Arrow first published You want to take me to see machines! You are so boring.