Tube FZH or Röhre FZH ID, IC – Integrated Circuit, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in general and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Part Number: FZHA Function: DIP 16P Maker: Siemens AG Pinouts: FZHA datasheet. Description: Datasheet PDF Download. FZH Datasheet, FZH PDF, FZH Data sheet, FZH manual, FZH pdf, FZH, datenblatt, Electronics FZH, alldatasheet, free, datasheet.

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The switching-point is adjustable by resistor.

The application The described Integrated Circuits can be used in all cases where a channel selection 1-outof-n shall be carried out. It works according to a clocked regulation. The high input sensitivity allows its use in equipments without mains isolation. For single amplifier performance, see the TBA data sheet.

Driver for datashet lamp up to mA. This integrated circuit has been designed to be driven from the TBA synchronous demodulator integrated circuit. Also, each channel follows an identical lay-out to ensure equal datadheet behaviour of the three channels.

The displays are in series to the band switches so that the diodes from application, figure 5, are not needed. The scattering of the gain is re- duced to a minimum, since it depends only from the scattering of the relationship between Y delay line end resistor and the resistor R g. The input volt- ages at pins 11, 12 and 13 are freely selectable in the range between and 6 V. Connection in a matrix yields a cross-talk suppression which is typically higher than 8 dB. The actual value can only be measured during the passage from D1 to D2.


The window discriminator analyses the height of the input dataasheet between two externally adjustable limits. Two outputs are available for each stage: Solitary digital circuit T: Ring scales are obtained by a circular ar- rangement of the diodes. By selecting a stage, a pre-set tuning voltage is switched and a driver stage op- erated which are controlling the band selection and the channel indication. Thus the relationships are: The RS flipflop is set by T 6. A small input current and a low out- put impedance are the advantages of this circuit.

The frequency response can be adjusted by external circuits. Figure 2 shows the possibility of rendering this resistance adjustable by means of a phototransistor BP in order to adapt the light intensity to changing ambient brightness.

The output has been designed to control TTL-circuits directly. A Schmitt-Trigger characteristic with low hysteresis appears at the switching points.

No external components for frequency compensation are required. Operational amplifier and current source are adapted to each other so that the opera- tional amplifier works with almost symmetrical currents.

Speed regulation in reel to reel tape recorders cassette recorders turntables movie cameras in drivings of control systems. Zero crossing corresponds to resonance frequency. A high level of integration as well as excellent characteristics of both amplifiers permit a universal application in battery and AC- datasehet receivers. Applications of this kind can be used for datasueet sensors, VU-meters, tachometers, radio scales etc.


A stabilized voltage approx. With the switch St-Such stereo transmitters can be selected. In case of a direct connection be- tween pins 10 and 12, the resistance from this pins to 14 must be at least Q. It is particularly suitable for control systems as follow-up and adjusting control device with dead space. The current source CG serves as operating resistance for the amplifiers of all stages, even for those of further components.

Outputs 1 and 2 switch, when the oscillation is damped i.

FZH105, FZH11, FZH111/4

Figure 1 shows the symbol used, with an inverting input 1, a non-inverting input 2 and output 3. The threshold is fixed with a voltage proportional to the supply voltage. The voltage adtasheet between pins 16 and 3 corresponds thereby to the possible indication range. Output dc-voltage DC-shift 1 2 Max.

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SAS S only: The SAS also contains an auxiliary circuit SB by fzh111 of which all inputs can be blocked stand-by operationand a current generator CG as common operating resistance for the separator amplifier OP’s of all stages. For single performance, see TBA data sheet. Analogue circuit; temperature range: The circuit is suited for AC- and batteryop- erated sets. The minimum soldering distance Dip soldering J from case must be at least 1. Republic Tihama Tractors 8- Engineering Co.