Manual Kits. Engine Helicopter. [Download not found] GAUI-NX4. Electric Helicopter. GAUI-X7F GAUI-R5 GAUI-X5 GAUI-X5 FES GAUI-X5 Lite · GAUI-X4 II . GAUI. X. Quad-Flyer. Item No (SCORPION Brushless Motors Inside) We are highly recommending you to get the latest version of the manual. Gaui X Quadcopter: Part One (8 min 16 sec) . yours esc with endpoints on THR set to maximum % (more then is stated in manual).

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Once you have the arms assembled, the next step is to attach them to the center plates. Your doc is well written explaining many detail but also thank you wife for great video. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Mnual so will result in a great flying quad with no bad tendencies. Basically, each motor is numbered and will need to be plugged in to the corresponding labeled plug-in on the GU 3300x guessing I rolled the X-S into the ground in various degrees of severity around twenty times.

See the X-S in action.

It’s a tight fit underneath the windshield, especially if you use a receiver with vertical channel slots. Motors are under par at times, ESC’s over heat. Push the throttle to closed, wait for three beeps, and you’re done. But even if you have a little heli stick-time, I think the Gaui X-S would make a great first multi-rotor. Got it, continue to print. I still havent seen it fly in person and look forward to watchin you fly it this winter.

Jun 29, Tilt the elevator forward hard, apply some mznual to keep from sinking, and the X-S will really pick up speed in a hurry. Originally Posted by badpilotto.

GAUI 500X Manual

33×0 like, nobody actually buys from Great Planes Personally, I would recommend using flight mode all the time, and we’ll get into that later in the review.


With the motors and ESCs in place, the final step for the electronics installation is mounting the GU and your receiver. The X-S uses standard electronic speed controls and brushless motors, but controls them from a central stabilization unit called the GU I am following the instructions exactly.

Once done, the gain adjustment pot and flight mode switch become inop. Push the throttle to full open and plug in the lipo battery. Position Indicator is on bottom.

Manual Kits

This action is more pronounced in hover mode, which is one of the two flight modes you can choose from. In fact, there’s only a small percentage of scratch builders when compared to kit or ARF builders. I’ve read many posts in our forums from people claiming their X won’t fly no matter what they do, come to find out they had the propellers installed wrong or the esc’s hooked up incorrectly.

My advice is to add a drop of CA glue to the clip to help it stay put. Every time seems to have a bunch of different tones when I finish, so I cant give specifics on what I hear at the end.

Manual Kits | TSH GAUI

Originally Posted by tom Hey whats the word on gps and P. Go ahead and part ways with it now. This manual also for: I have been watching other guys who have been working on this type of hover-craft struggle in manuao design stage. Its interesting you asked me that about the camera mount. Lifting off the wheels and into a hover is uneventful, just make sure you get it up and out of the ground effect or you’ll find yourself fighting the controls as it dances around in the turbulent propwash.

And seemed everything got fixed. Don’t have an account? Rushing through and skipping steps will produce an unreliable machine that may not fly at all, and may result in you beating your head against a wall in frustration. Setting the gain too high will result in the X wobbling in flight. I’m sold on the durability factor of this aircraft; there aren’t too many rotor-wings that can survive that kind of punishment and only drop gwui few parts.


My digital camera weighs in at grams.

In order to make adjustments from the transmitter, you only need to plug the green gain wire into an open gear or flap channel on your transmitter and assign that channel to a switch. The Gaui 2 axis mount will be here soon, so Ill post up when I receive it and test it out. The rudder will yaw it left and right while aileron rolls left and right.

Page 21 Un-tighten the four screws to move to flight or storage positions. I have one idea, maybe this has been tried; why not put one motor in the center and use flex tubes to run all four props, it would be much easier to synchronize the four blades.

Gaui X Quad-Flyer Manuals

The gain is controlled by the end point adjustment EPA on the gear or flap channel. Failure to do so may result in the windshield coming off in flight and turning to plastic snow as it goes through the four spinning props ask me how I know. This will make it easier when you begin plugging them into the GU Tighten flight arms with O3 x 8 screws.