The present book authored by Genet Ayele reveals that Colonel Mengistu is writing a book about his life, the Revolution and Ethiopian history. Firmness by Major General Hussein Ahmed, and Reminiscences of Lt. Mengistu Haile Mariam, by. Genet Ayele Anbessie. The Red Terror was unleashed by the. The book was written by Genet Ayele, a former journalist who used to own the company publishing Beza and other magazines in Addis Ababa.

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In this same book, you state that the Felashas were Ethiopians through and through. The fall of a hero, Why Haile Gebressilassie needs to reconcile….

In other words, your own action backfired on you and caused your downfall. These qualities of yours should be appreciated and be recorded in Ethiopian history. My contention is that, you could have minimized the death-toll, had you cared much to preserve human life. I will also offer him an advice with regards to the book he is currently writing whether he heeds to my advice or not. Learn how your comment data is processed.

– Lieutenant Colonel Mengistu H/mariam tizitawoch (Number 1): Genet Ayele Anbese: Books

Let me start with the death of Emperor Haile Selassie. I wish he focused on the substance of the book than becoming personal for a reason unclear to the reader. Frankly, I do not expect hook to be truthful and admissive of mistakes. You are right in saying that most Ethiopians practiced Judaism before the advent of Christianity. When her husband was in power, she never abused her power nor amassed wealth like some women of her position would agele done.

Too much blood was shed during your reign. Caught between the makers and the wreckers. Hence, it would be unfair to expect you to be exceptional. Ethiopia detains 36 spy officers over corruption, rights abuses. You were articulate, yet absolutely attentive while others spoke, a quality venet enabled you to summarize the ideas of others and make them your own if you liked boko ideas and were new to you.


According to Mengistu, his silence no-comment was on one subject whilst Solomon takes it as a grant. In enjoyed them a lot. By the time he was told about the famine,it was too late to save the lives of millions. Since you were possessed with the urge to kill, the conscious people ayelee Ethiopia knew that he was your next target. Contrary to the previous the current Book is not from Mega.

Technically, they are every inch Ethiopians. The insight of some of them on the Revolution, The Ethio-Somali war, the aborted coup in Asmara and the Ethio-Eritrean civil war is profound and original. You and I know the answer- You were vindictive. He has a particular affection and yearning for Harer since it was there he had spent his life before he joined the Derg in Addis Abeba. I wish the author stirred the Geneg to elaborate them.

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Why did you condemn him to death? In part one, the Colonel touches many subjects speaking briefly about Major Dawit Wolde-giorgis, Emperor Haile-selassie, Ex-prime Minster Endalkachew Mekonen, the late Oromo leader Baro Tumssa, the Felasha, Robert Mugabe, Garbachov and Paul Henze, He also airs his views on power and African leaders, Derg and democracy, his opponents, the EPRDF court that gave him death sentence, remorse and forgiveness, betrayal, his security officers, his counselors, those injured in war, Somalia, and last, the book he is currently writing.

But you forgot one thing blinded by your retribution: Mass grave with bodies unearthed in eastern Ethiopia. Were you the only one that safeguarded the interest of Ethiopia among the members of your government? They practiced Judaism like most Ethiopians before the advent of Christianity. Without her, he would probably have collapsed, unable to bear all the pressure exerted on him.

Let us think of a scenario in which the coup had succeeded.

The last immigration took place during the Babylonian captivity about years ago. Or do you dismiss this boo, a fabrication of the current government?

Genet, let gwnet give you this assignment for the future. How can I get your contact number? Among the previous controversies, Genet Ayele’s book, was printed by Mega Publication Enterprises, a publishing house headed by officials from the EPRDF coalitionis also the source of intense controversy. I read in this book the outline of your forthcoming book. You knew that there was no one to comfort their wives and raise their children after you had annihilated them.


Worst of all, you fled Ethiopia leaving her to the adversaries you had been fighting against, besides abandoning your comrades who trusted you and gent willing to die for you. She left the palace and her country to share the misfortune of her husband without partaking of his glory, always maintaining a low profile. And Mengist replied comfortably that, his government was serving the colonized citizens of Africans and especially Zimbabweans, thus he makes sure that nobody would betray him for his undeniable acts.

The answer is that Ethiopia lost immensely because of their death. I find this part to be engaging and mind-stimulating. Even though your interpretation and perspective of Ethiopian history would be interesting of and in themselves, your own life history should be the focus and the issue.

Unless you dedicate only a chapter to Ethiopian history, the reader will lose track of your own history. Even I, who was in Europe then used to predict that your next victim would be Colonel Atnafu. The second immigration occured when the Jewish were escorting, ironically, another half-cast by the name of Menilik I, son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba, years ago.

Since you are writing the history of Ethiopia in your autobiography, please check these facts.

Lieutenant Colonel Mengistu H/mariam tizitawoch (Number 2) (papercover)

I wish the author summed up the book by summarizing it in a conclusion stating her personal comments and views on the interviews. It is regrettable that he discredits genrt name instead of saying a few nice words for her effort. You had a fine ability to chair meetings. You knew he was brave and genuine.