Geoemyda spengleri is among the world’s smallest turtles, with a carapace length of no more than 11 cm ( in). The carapace is somewhat elongated and.. . The black-breasted leaf turtle (Geoemyda spengleri), also commonly called the Vietnamese leaf turtle or the black-breasted hill turtle, is a species of turtle in the. Black-breasted Leaf Turtle – Geoemyda spengleri (Gmelin ), Paula Morris Differentiating Male and Female Geoemyda spengleri (Black Breasted Leaf.

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While there is no evidence other than observation regarding the correlation between the two, it seems adult Vietnamese black-breasted leaf turtles that do not accept fruit may be at a higher risk of not successfully reproducing. The species is endemic to Southeast Asia.

Black-breasted leaf turtle videos, photos and facts – Geoemyda spengleri | Arkive

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Many Southeast Asian geemyda can be found for sale as house plants. Masked palm civet Paguma larvata. Terms of Use – The displayed portlet may be used as a link from your website to Arkive’s online content for private, scientific, conservation or educational purposes only. The topsoil and cypress mulch retain moisture and helps increase overall humidity of the terrarium, while peat moss lowers ph and wards of mold that may grow in damp areas.


Oak leaves can be used in enclosures to help reduce stress, as the turtles will hide beneath them. There are unconfirmed reports of sightings in Borneo and Laos. Uneaten food items like earthworms are left to inhabit the enclosure.

Black-breasted leaf turtle Ryukyu black-breasted leaf turtle. Taylor and Francis, London, pp. The clutch size is just one or two, and there may be up to three clutches in a single nesting season. We generally maintain ours above 60 and below 85 degrees, though both adults and juveniles experience temperatures within yeoemyda much larger range, allowing for daily and seasonal fluctuations. Species of the family Geoemydidae.

There are unconfirmed reports of sightings in Borneo and Laos. These, coupled with small pill bugs or springtails, can be part of a living vivarium that breaks down waste on its own.

Geoemyda spengleri – Natural History, Care, and Photo GallerytheTurtleRoom

Black-breasted Leaf Turtle G: Can you confirm these amateur observations of Geoemyda spengleri? South American rocket groemyda Hyloxalus anthracinus. Now belonging to Anthony and Steve, and under the care of Anthony, the 1. Don’t show this popup again. Geoemyda spengleri can be fed a mixture of live food, turtle pellets, fruits and a lean meat mixture.

47. Black-breasted Leaf Turtle

You can always make a spengleri happy by offering a variety of invertebrates, foremost among which are the night crawlers; they love to hunt anything that moves. To start hatchlings, smaller worms should be chopped into small, manageable pieces, as moving prey is always much more appreciated.


Reptilia and Amphibia Volume I. Cart No products in the cart. A mixture of pellets can be offered in a dish with chopped fruit. About The black-breasted leaf turtle is one geoemydz the smallest species of the family Geoemydidae, with individuals having a carapace shell length less than 11 cm!

The Vietnamese Black-breasted Leaf Turtle

Those who choose to keep G. Characters of two new genera of reptiles Geoemyda and Gehyra.

Herping The Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Share this image — Hide sharing options. Providing an especially elevated spot will be much appreciated by your spengleri. Fossil and recent turtles of China. The black-breasted leaf turtle Geoemyda spenglerialso commonly called the Vietnamese leaf turtle or the black-breasted hill turtleis a species of turtle in the family Geoemydidae formerly called Bataguridae.

Identifying sexual characteristics can appear early on, with some turtles appearing male at sizes as small as roughly 25 grams. High temperatures during the winter depended on the intensity of the sun, sometimes just a few degrees above the lows, other times up to the midsF.