Ghostwalk contains everything needed to run a stand-alone campaign in and around the city of Manifest, or to integrate it into an existing world, including rules . Ghostwalk is setting and rules book written by Monte Cook and I in The long-awaited update that brings the book up to D&D and includes the map of . I bought Ghostwalk when it came out and fell in love, but I’ve never been able to convince any of my gaming groups to let me run it and.

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Located amidst the sea and woods of the Hikirian Peninsula, the City of Manifest is built at the heart of the Land of the Dead. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Completely ruins the immersion otherwise. These lead to the realm of the Deathwarden Dwarves who guard the Veil of Souls, the gate between the worlds of life and death.


Wasn’t it also the last 3. Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. With infinite Prime planes, why isn’t the flood of souls to the Outer planes neverending? There is no reason to not gobble up this sweet ass setting.


For more information about Wizards of the Coast or any of Wizards’ trademarks or other intellectual property, please visit their website at www. But now, a third possibility exists: My 15 year old brother is gonna love this he’s a new DM and this is something new and exciting that he will love to run even our dad has never ran the monsters in this book itll be new and exciting for all of us: All of these are filled with all manner of monsters and villains, but also treasures lost.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The people who wanted to play as ghosts were already playing the much better White Wolf game Wraith: There are also numerous new feats, many of which are meant for ghosts and allow them to focus their abilities along one of six different “haunting” paths.

Ghostwalk – Wikipedia

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. I almost feel like Ghostwalk has it backwards: Monte Cook and Sean K.

Having said all that; keep trying. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. It used to be that the standard procedure was to either roll up a new character or hoof it to the nearest source of resurrection magic.

Check ghostwwlk our Getting Started Guide! Retrieved April 3, The central locale for the Ghostwalk setting is a city called Manifest, a mausoleum city built atop a geological feature known as the Veil of Souls which leads the spirits of the departed on to the True Afterlife.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I keep forgetting it was the very last 3. Here, the world of the living is shared equally with the deceased, who linger in physical form before finally passing through the Veil. Ghosts are a special creature type in Ghostwalk.

Ghostwalk – D&D Wiki

The filters work on reddit mobile. Spells G – d20r: Beings in this world can survive as long as they want. I agree that it’s likely pretty interesting if you want a ghost in a part of nonghosts, though. Outside it, they are intangible and capable of using some illusory abilities. The absence of a name for the game world is very strange, as I would like at least a suggestion of what to call the world where this all happens, but otherwise an excellent setting.

Hence Manifest is home to adventurers as well as mourners and the dead.