SUPPORT HOME · Software · MANUALS · HOW TO DOWNLOAD MANUALS You can view, download and/or print your manual. Need help downloading?. GigaPan Capture Studio Manual. Capture Studio Overview. GigaPan Capture Studio allows you, the Photographer, the ability to tether your laptop directly to. GigaPan manuals are available to download and print. Choose your manual by visiting the manuals download page. Follow the directions below on how to.

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Camera Mounting Platform – Holds the camera rail and can be adjusted up or down to accommodate your camera.

Recommended functions to add to the Quick Menu, include: Open the battery chamber tigapan the side of the EPIC by squeezing the two battery holder clips together and pulling the holder away from the unit. You may use a timer of zero seconds to 99 days or an external trigger to change when each panorama in the sequence is taken. By not paying close attention Member Log In Username Password. Review the chart below to find nanual cable is compatible with your camera.

Press the down button to select the ‘Move Camera’ menu item. Open the battery compartment by flipping the compartment latch counter-clockwise and pulling the battery away from the unit. Clear and simple to navigate menu – Access frequently-used functions with the touch of a button, such as to move the camera or set the shutter delay. To find which manaul is compatible with your camera, please visit the Camera Compatibility Page. Screen is highly visible with back lit display. Pic Order manuual Allows for different patterns of capturing the individual photographs such as column-right, column-left, row — down, row — up.

Here is an overview of how easy gigqpan fun it is to use the GigaPan System, in 4 simple steps: Trigger cable port – Use with electronic trigger cable to actuate the shutter and cause the camera figapan focus if you are using auto focus. For the EPICextend the metal plate on the camera mounting plate by loosening the two thumbscrews and adjusting the metal plate to accommodate the size of your camera.


EPIC Pro Introduction

Platform Thumbscrews – Loosen or tighten the thumbscrews to move the camera mounting platform. You can set the exposure value separation to 0.

Page 5 The Gigapan Stitch software assembles, aligns and blends the individual images into one large panorama. Turn on the EPIC by holding down the power button. The external giapan setting is designed to work with a Canon E3 style remote shutter that is inserted in the EPIC Pro remote trigger port. If you are using a 50mm or mm prime lens you might disable ‘Mirror Lockup’ Lockup-time – Is used in conjunction with ‘Mirror Lockup’ and your camera’s mirror lockup settings.

Aspect Ratio – The ratio of the width to height of the camera system.

Download Manuals, EPIC Pro Manual, EPIC Manual, EPIC Manual & Quick Start Guides

Instead of setting the EPIC Pro to the upper left and lower right corners of the panorama, you just have to set it to the top and bottom. To charge the battery on its own: Member Log In Username Password. Robust and durable, yet compact and lightweight degree panoramic range-of-motion Easy-to-navigate menu with illuminated display Simple camera mount and bubble level allow for quick set-up Removable battery pack.

To set, Select ‘Test Shutter’ from the menu. If your camera body or lens has Image Stabilization, turn the feature off.


Last Pic Hold – Continues to assert the shutter signal after the last photograph in the panorama so that a camera does not power down. Brackets – Exposure bracketing of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 photographs for HDR images by working with the camera AEB automatic exposure bracketing firmware. If there are obects that are moving, you may want to use a higher ISO such as or to be able to use a faster shutter speed to freeze movement.

Find the small silver pin on the bottom of the lever at the front of the camera mounting plate. If you used a third-party tool to create your panoramas, you can upload them using Giga- Pan Upload software, which automatically installs with GigaPan Stitch. The Pro will then remember how many times you want the shutter to be pressed as well as the extra timing between shutters.


Secure your camera to the camera mounting plate with the camera mounting screw, centering the lens with the diamond cutout. Page 29 Your options are columns – right, columns – left, rows – down, or rows – up. Some menu items will be available dependent upon other settings. The best way to test whether your setup is all right is to take a 2×2 panorama. Quick Menu Setup – Allows you to change which four items will be accessible from the quick menu.

You have the ability to choose one of the following items for each of the quick menu items. For best results, disable any image stabilization or auto power down features. If you have ‘Brackets’ enabled, ‘Mult Picture’ will repeat the bracket gigapn per the number of photographs you selected when setting ‘Mult Picture’.

Good Overlap Insufficient Overlap 2.

GigaPan Epic Pro User Manual

Also allows you to save a panorama. By paying close attention to the focus both before and during shooting, you can create panoramas wih ulta high resolition and incredible clarity in their detail. To reach submenus within a menu option, push the OK button once you reach the desired main menu option, then the down button to access the submenu manuwl.

Now remove the camera mounting plate and attach it to your camera or lens. This is especially important for large and longer focal bigapan lenses.