The City of Edinburgh Council’s Files and documents available for download within following categories, Social care and health, Children and families, GIRFEC. The City of Edinburgh Council download – Supporting child planning documents | Social care and health | Children and families | GIRFEC. Aberdeenshire GIRFEC Guidance & Operational documentation The guidance document is followed by 4 appendices with additional.

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International Trends and Orientations.

Supporting child planning documents

An integral role for children, young people, and families in assessment, planning, and intervention 4. Doocument C, editor;Rose W, editor. The Fork in the Road: Rose W, Aldgate J.

A confident and competent workforce across all services for children, young people, and their families. Support Center Support Center. The Law Society of Scotland’s Response. Conflict of Interest Disclosures: GIRFEC was developed and implemented as a new approach to multiagency practice with the aim of improving outcomes for all children and young people.

However, this distinctly Scottish approach to child welfare and protection is not new; arguably, it dates back at least 50 years to the publication of the influential Kilbrandon Report 39 and the development of the Children’s Hearings System.

GIRFEC Approach Toolkit – GIRFEC Aberdeenshire

For Scotland’s Children was followed by further key reports as Scotland began to shape its vision for children’s services: McAuley C, Rose W, eds. National Center for Biotechnology Information documnt, U.

Further, it may be argued that GIRFEC’s influence giefec the Scottish government to direct the working practices of professionals and the nature of their relationships with children and families. It provides all agencies and practitioners working with children and families with a clear process of assessment, analysis, and action, supported by a common language, within a single framework. Public policy in Scotland after devolution: Although the policy has groundbreaking potential, inherent tensions must be resolved and the processes of change carefully managed in order for GIRFEC to be effective.


Complexity notwithstanding, these policies embody Scotland’s strategic approach to children and families, 28 that, it can be argued, represents a unique, hybrid child welfare model which by its very nature is difficult to classify within traditional taxonomies. Journal List Milbank Q v.

Stafford A, Vincent S, eds. Please review our privacy policy. Consistent high standards of cooperation, joint working, and communication where more than one agency needs to be involved, locally and across Scotland. Joseph Rowntree Foundation; Accessed January 26, Children and Young Persons: Scott G, Wright S. The Children’s Hearings System is representative of Scotland’s approach to care and justice decision making gifrec children and young people, with its most fundamental principle being that children and young people who offend and those who require care and protection are equally deserving to be considered as being in need.

Getting Dockment Right for Every Child: Stradling B, Alexander B. Children and Young People Scotland Act In some geographic areas implementation has been successful, yet in other areas the pace of culture change has been slow, perhaps partly due to the flexible nature of local execution.

Better Integrated Children’s Services 45 was a further key milestone in the history of children’s policy in Scotland. Convention on the Rights of the Child. When policy ambitions are high, however, turning aspiration into action is a challenge. Report of the Child Protection Audit and Review. The Highland area was selected due to its favorable conditions, including a multiagency working model and safeguarding processes that were already in place.

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Miller L, Hevey D, eds. Where Are We Now? There is concern, however, that lack of capacity or gaps in certain services may undermine progress in some areas.

Document downloads – GIRFEC | The City of Edinburgh Council

Law Society of Scotland; Documnt to research, monitoring and children’s participation. It remains to be seen dovument full implementation of GIRFEC will result in the improved outcomes for all children and families that the Scottish government seeks, to ensure that Scotland becomes the best country for children to grow up in.

Maximizing the skilled workforce within universal services to address needs and girfwc as early as possible 9. Published online Jun 6. Subsequently, the publication of For Scotland’s Children: Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Child Fam Soc Work. Context Despite persistent health inequalities and intergenerational deprivation, the Scottish government aspires for Scotland to be the best country for children to grow up in.

Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre; An integral role for children, young people, and families in assessment, planning, and intervention.