Fisk, W.J., Lei-Gomez, Q. and Mendell, M.J. () Meta-analyses of the associations ISSO () GIW/ISSO publicatie Ontwerp- en montageadviezen. use of the right self regulating, pressure sensitive background ventilators. a maximum airflow speed of m/s or less (ISSO Standard/GIW/ISSO ). field of the Dutch GIW guidelines. In this WattsUp which more attention will be devoted in GIW/ISSO publication “Installation require-.

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Among such parameters, the particle size distribution of slurry would be especially important for nuclear waste treatment because most nuclear waste slurries show a broad particle size distribution. The water-based ferrofluid exhibited the non-Newtonian behavior of shear thinning under magnetic field.

The technique was applied on the brain and liver of five healthy volunteers. The OFR technique decreases the measurement duration under 10 minutes and enables issp perform several snapshots of the evolving rheological behaviour. Results of these experiments are compared and indicate zero fields and field induced structural integrity between magnetic particles and soft micelles.

An example of how these different techniques have been used to investigate the rheological properties of sputum [4] will be discussed. Full Text Available The development of wheat-based foods that are enriched with proteins is increasingly popular.


These pieces were tested in different solid fractions, at constant charges and at constant deformation velocities. The obtained rheogram shows that the chocolate has a slightly thixotropic behavior. NE gel exhibited higher G’ values than conventional gel and emulgel, which indicated the formation of a stronger gel network. Studies on rheological and leaching characteristics of heavy metals through selective additive in high concentration ash slurry.

treatment rheological study: Topics by

Depending on the type of model substrate used, the mechanism of bioadhesion could alter. A fractal percolating network is formed inside the material after a reaction time depending on the formulation parameters; corresponding fractal dimensions were established.


Study of the rheological behavior of the calcium and sodium caseinate irradiated dispersions. The presence of gum provided a coating on flour particles to yield dough having good cohesive microstructure.

Rheological constants were determined by measurements and calculations. Therefore, the focus of this work is the chemical modification of chitosan via carboxymethylation as well as studying the viscoelastic behavior of these polymer solutions.

This condition was reevaluated in a 0. Full Text Available Rheology is the science that studies the deformation and flow of solids and fluids under the influence of mechanical forces.

It is well known that below the crystallization temperature the rheology of waxy oils changes from Newtonian to an extremely complex non-Newtonian behavior, which is shear-rate and temperature-history dependent. The research has involved both experimental studies and model development. Full Text Available Chitosan, a modified natural carbohydrate polymer derived from carapaces of crabs and shrimps, has received a great deal of attention for its applications in diverse fields owing to its biodegradability, biocompatibility, non-toxicity and anti-bacterial property.

Rice flour was thermo-mechanically modified by steam jet-cooking and the physico-chemical and rheological properties of the resulting product were characterized.

hannover-l – Monatsdigest

The percolation threshold i. The evaluation was performed using a parallel plate compression rheometer with the digital recording of position and time data. Two types of measurements were performed: Full Text Available In the food industry, the production process is often established in an empirical way, according to rules of good practice. The use of classical rheology has been employed by the scientific community to obtain rheological parameters determinants to characterize this material, such as yield stress, plastic viscosity and evolution of shear stress to shear rate.


The flowability of the matrix increased with decreasing aspect ratios of the filler. Thus, from the point of view physico-chemical, increasing the dose of radiation causes a change in physical and chemical properties and rheological of flour.

The synthesis of kojic acid derivative KAD from kojic and palmitic acid C Results show that irradiation has no effect on relaxation properties of dough.

For margarine, the goal is to model the flow in resting tubes, the last step in the industrial production Herman et al.

The addition of sodium silicate affected the leaching characteristics of the ash samples over a period of days resulting in the reduction of leaching of heavy metals. Additionally, the mud weight, plastic viscosity, apparent viscosity, yield point, primary and secondary gelatinization properties, pH, and filtration properties of the various drilling fluids studied are also measured and compared.

The gels may stop the pipe flow, making it difficult or even impossible to restart the flow without breaking the pipe. A comparative study on the rheology and wave dissipation of kaolinite and natural Hendijan Coast mud, the Persian Gulf.

Evaluations of rheological behavior was carried out at the laboratory level in concentric viscometers and were scaled at the pilot plant level in a fluid-dynamic test circuit in pipes with diameters from 1.

The Cabernet Sauvignon juice concentrates presented a biw pseudoplastic behavior n studies. The purpose of this work is to study the effect of the irradiation by gamma rays in 1, 2, and 3 kGy on the microbiological issso physico-chemical properties of the wheat flour, and on dough rheology.