Has anybody created Gotrek and Felix characters for ST yet? I thought I’d ask before I tried it myself – In case anybody has tried who has more. Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a Gotrek is also a very grim and moody figure, even by Dwarven standards, and possesses the same stubborn character, obsession with honour, . As a result, Grey Seer Thanquol gains the Hatred (Gotrek & Felix) special rule and Gotrek & Felix may not use their Magic Resistance against.

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Disappears from the series around the rulss, he returns much older and even more befuddled, to the point where he can’t remember the shame that drove him to become a Slayer, which is a massive dishonor in and of itself. Her transformation is one of the reasons why Felix stayed out of the Old World for two fleix. On the subsequent adventures, Max proves himself a valuable asset in combat against all sorts of nasties, a steadfast companion and good friend.

Several functions may not frlix. After Gotrek saved Felix from being killed in the Window Tax Riots in AltdorfFelix, in a aand stupor, swore a blood-oath to record Gotrek’s doom so that his honor could be maintained and to let him be remembered by the world.

His inability to find the heroic end he seeks begins to take its toll after a time, and by the events of OrcslayerGotrek is becoming worried that all that remains for him is a pathetic doom against unworthy opponents like Goblins, or even worse, death as a result of old age.

Gotrek and Felix – Wikipedia

A badass Gold later retconned to Light Wizard and scientist who accompanies Gotrek, Felix, and bunch of other Dwarfs on a giant air battleship to investigate the fate of the lost hold Karak Dum, in the Chaos Wastes.

He also finds himself serving in a more diplomatic role, helping to soothe bruised egos after Gotrek’s anti-authoritarian nature provokes allies or civilized society.

A Skaven Grey Seer of great power, Thanquol conspires to achieve a position on the Council of Thirteen and to bring about the day when the armies of the Skaven, led by him, will conquer the surface world in the name of the Great Horned Rat.

Gotrek Gurnisson is the greatest or worst, depending on the viewpoint Dwarven Slayer ever to have lived. He wants to die in battle, but is just too good at winning. His fate at the end of the series is unknown. He was the one who convinced Gotrek to go on the disastrous expedition, which is bad enough.


He is also far stronger than the average dwarf and is able to perceive secret passageways in seemingly impenetrable tunnel walls.

rule What appears to be Gotrek’s new travelling companion for his Mortal Realms adventures. The series ends with Gotrek inheriting the mightiest doom of all – Grimnir’s.

Wnd the battle, Kat begged Gotrek and Felix to let her go with them, but the pair refused, knowing a child wouldn’t be safe travelling with them, and left her in the care of a woodsman and his family. While the Slayers have ceased to exist as he knows them, Gotrek has a sense that he was called to the Mortal Realms for a reason and believes that if he ahd reunite with Felix he will be able to return to his doom.

She also appears in the short story The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnissonin which she temporarily joins forces with Felix to hunt down the villains whom he mistakenly believes have killed Gotrek. Gotrek and Felix form a skirmishing unit of two models. Retrieved from ” https: Written first by William King before it taken off him by BL for some random frlix and then given to a bunch of other writers to continue, the series at first followed the ingenious idea of naming the book after whatever is going to feel Gotrek’s axe thumping into their heads.

It is hinted at during Realmslayer that he might of survived. Wracked with guilt and shame, Gotrek shaved his hair, becoming a Slayer. Having committed a crime so terrible that only death in battle will serve as atonement, Gotrek has fought and slain numerous monsters, including hordes of fleix and Skaven, a giant, trolls, Chaos warlords gotreo sorcerers, an entire Black Ark of Naggaroth and even a Bloodthirster of Khorne, and unfortunately in his mind lived to fight another day.

When he finally made it home, goblins had burned down his village and murdered his family. Then, his best friend Snorri convinced him to sign on for a crazily ambitious plan to travel to the Chaos Wastes goterk recover treasure from a lost Dwarfhold.

Posted by Bugman on May 11 The elven mage Teclis once read the magical aura of Gotrek, and determined that immense power is flowing from the axe and slowly changing The Slayer into something greater than an ordinary dwarf – having already been proved in the previous eight books when all the creatures Gotrek has killed are considered.

For those chasing them up, here’s their last set of rules, from Dogs of War back in 6e: Showed up in one book to help Gotrek and Felix kill possibly the greatest threat though not the greatest physical challenge they ever faced, the sorcerer twins below and a brainwashed giant of the ancient Sky-Titan variety, not the current foot inbred variety. Though feelix is not shown to have died unlike everyone else, a character mentions that Rulea died; so the story killed andd off in a footnote.


Gotrek & Felix

He then anf at Felix’s attempts to attack him, resurrects Gotrek, and proceeds to endow him with the axe of Thorgrim Grudgebearer, and instructs Gotrek to head off and prevent Anx from ascending to Godhood inside the Realms of Chaos. However, Max’s knowledge proves invaluable as the group find themselves in battle with the forces of Chaos. He is seemingly impossible to kill, having survived, among other things, a single combat with a Bloodthirster of Khorne, being hit by a stone hurled by a trebuchet, being catapulted into an orc ship and falling three hundred feet off a cliff.

Gotrek eventually realized that even if Felix became a Stormcast, he wouldn’t remember Gotrek so it would be pointless to try and find him and if you really buy the idea that Felix isn’t coming back sooner or later, I can give you a great price on the Golden Gate This apparent contradiction is rooted in the nature of the Slayer Oath.

Afterward the dwarf lord sentences Gotrek to an unnamed fate, at which Gotrek kills the Lord and his bodyguard and all others that do not flee. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Roll to hit with his first Attacks and then allocate and roll to hit for feix bonus Attacks he gains. They survived the battle against the beastmen and Heinrich Kemmler’s zombie horde, though Kat was left behind accidentally as they tried to flee Castle Reikguard, and only just managed to avoid death by starvation before the Reikland army arrived, though she still had enough strength to assist in the final battle, distracting Kemmler long enough for Gotrek to reach him.

Ruels shit here rukes real tragedy, you stone-hearted monsters.

Humorously, even though they have foiled many of his plans and ruined his status among Skavens, Gotrek and Felix had no idea of who Thanquol was when he gotrem was able to catch them. Your ad here, right now: There have been thirteen Boneripper s, nearly all of which have been killed by Gotrek and Felix.

More recently, he found himself spat back out into the Mortal Realms.