Series Title: Publication (United States Catholic Conference. Office of Publishing and Promotion Services), no. Other Titles: Gratissimam sane. role, excluding it from its rightful position in society, would be to inflict grave harm on the authentic growth of society as a whole” (Gratissimam Sane, , no . John Paul II’s Letter to Families – A Summary. Last edited 25th May John Paul II’s Letter to Families – A Summary. In , Pope John Paul II.

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Online text: Letter to Families “Gratissimam Sane”, by Pope St. John Paul II

But it is humanly difficult to accept and to live this marvellous truth. According to the Apostle, love is not able to “endure all things” if it yields to “jealousies”, or if it is “boastful One must go to what is central, essential. In the first place, the family achieves the good of “being together”.

God “willed” man from the very beginning, and God “wills” him in every act of conception and every human birth. But the most profound meaning of the term “civilization” is not merely political, but rather pertains to human culture. Citations are based on reference standards. The Second Vatican Council, in speaking of the likeness of God, uses extremely significant terms.

We are speaking of the responsibility for that particular common good in which is included the good of the person, of every member of the family community. To love means to give and to receive something which can be neither bought nor sold, but only given freely and mutually.

But is love to be defined simply as “anti-selfishness”? Another important reference point after the Council is the Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio.

Proclaiming the Splendid Truth of the Family

I do so by gratissimxm Letter, taking as my point of same the words of the Encyclical Redemptor Hominis, published in the first days of my ministry as the Successor of Peter.


The Second Vatican Council, particularly conscious of the problem of man and his calling, states that the conjugal union, the biblical “una caro “, can be understood and fully explained only by recourse to the values of the “person” and of “gift”. With extraordinary dynamism, the movements, parishes and the force of the good abound. Even as he was at Cana in Galilee, the Bridegroom in the midst of the bride and groom as they entrusted themselves to each other for their whole life, gratissikam the Good Shepherd is also with us today as the reason for our hope, the source of strength for our hearts, the wellspring of ever new enthusiasm and the sign of the triumph of the “civilization of love”.

Nonetheless, in the case of man, this “cosmic” dimension of likeness to God is not sufficient to explain adequately the relationship of fatherhood and motherhood. Our human will is always and inevitably subject to the law of time and change. More like this User lists Gartissimam Items. The celebration of the Year of the Family gives me a welcome opportunity to knock at the door of your home, eager to greet you with deep affection and to spend time with you.

This is so because he has been created in the image and likeness of God and redeemed by the only-begotten Son of the Gratissimaj, who became man for us and for our salvation.

Letter to Families Gratissimam Sane (February 2, ) | John Paul II

Thus, he preferred to call it a “Letter”. Is the system of interpersonal relations indicated by the fourth commandment one-sided? During the Year of the Family should our prayer not concentrate on the crucial and decisive moment of the passage from conjugal love to childbearing, and thus to fatherhood and motherhood? If the wife is the first to realize that she has become a mother, the husband, to whom she has been united in “one flesh”, then learns this when she tells him that he has become a father.


There is a shortage of people with whom to create and share the common good; and yet that good, by its nature, demands to be created and shared with others: This conforms to the innermost being of man and woman, to their innate and authentic dignity as persons” ibid. This initiative makes it clear how fundamental the question of the family is for the member States of the United Nations.

Families, and more specifically parents, are free to choose for their children a particular kind of religious and moral education consonant with their own convictions. This is the logic behind living according to the good, living in truth and charity.

The family originates in a marital communion described by the Second Vatican Council as a “covenant”, in which man and woman “give themselves to each other and gfatissimam each other “. Because the transmission of divine life presumes the transmission of human life, marriage not only brings about the birth of human children, but also, through the power of Baptism, the birth of adopted children of God, who live the new life received from Christ through his Spirit. Some of these rights concern the family in an immediate way, such as the right of parents to responsible procreation and the education of children.

Nowadays, however, emphasis tends to be laid on how much the family, as the smallest and most basic human community, owes to the personal contribution of a man and a woman.

The civilization of love means “rejoicing in the right” cf. The mother, even before giving birth, does gratisimam only give shape to the child’s body, but also, in an indirect way, to the child’s whole personality.