Greta Gaard of University of Wisconsin – River Falls, River Falls (UWRF) with expertise in: Women and Politics Research, Ethics and Literary Theory. Read 55 . How can an ecofeminist perspective help us understand and respond to the problems of water pollution and energy production that we face today?. Contributors: Greta Gaard – author. Journal. Title:Hypatia. Volume: Issue: 1. Publication Year: Page Number: ] TOWARD A QUEER ECOFEMINISM .

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Theoretical and Practical Approaches. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy pdcnet. Retrieved from ” https: Only the coalition of a variety of progressive communities will bring about the transformations needed to articulate a radical democracy, and in that coalition, an ecofeminist vision will find expression.

The Role of Environmentalism: Gayil Talshir – – In M. Environmental Philosophies, Misc in Philosophy of Biology. Meira Hanson – – In M. Gretta End of Environmentalism? Theoretical and Practical Approaches similarly argues for the activist applications of scholarly theory, asserting that “at its most inclusive, ecocomposition has the potential to address social issues such as feminism, environmental ethics, multiculturalism, politics, and economics, all by examining matters of form and style, audience and argumentation, and reliable sources and documentation.

Bliese – – Environmental Ethics 19 ggeta As an activist, Gaard participated in the Green movement for more than a decade.

Greta Gaard

Murphy, was the first anthology to examine not only how ecofeminist theory might enhance literary criticism but also how close reading of texts might inform ecofeminist theory and activist practice. Science Logic and Mathematics. Temple Gawrd Press, Estok, believe that “if ecocriticism is to have any effect outside of the narrow confines of academia, then it must not only define itself but also address the issue of values in ways that connect meaningfully with the non-academic world.


Sign in Create an account. The Pacification and Normalization of Environmentalism? Her book, The Nature of Home, collects several works of creative nonfiction centered on the question of ecological connections to and within places.

Greta Gaard | University of Wisconsin River Falls

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Prior to Gaard’s germinal article, “Toward a Queer Ecofeminism,” published first in the scholarly journal Hypatia and then anthologized in Perspectives on Environmental Justice, Gender, Sexuality, and Activism, ecofeminism and queer theory were separate realms within feminism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Greening of White Pride. As Gaard writes in her introduction to that piece. Temple University Press,p.

Gaard has applied ecofeminist theory to both literary criticism and composition instruction, thereby contributing feminist insights to the emerging fields of ecocriticism and ecocomposition. Environmental Ethics 15 2: Inshe was among the founders of the Minnesota Green Party. Foss – – Wiley. This development in ecocriticism was welcomed by scholars who, along with Simon C. A Multilateral Ecocentric Approach. Traditionalist Conservatism and Environmental Ethics.

Full text available here. Ecofeminists and the Greens. Reactions from Minnesota Viewers. Gaard’s widely cited contribution to Ecocomposition: Find it on Scholar.

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Inshe documented ecofeminist participation in the Greens in the video documentary, Thinking Green: Robert Frodeman – – Environmental Ethics 14 4: State University of New York Press,p. Gaard’s academic work in the realms of ecocriticism and ecocomposition is widely cited by scholars in the disciplines of composition and literary criticism. From Environmental Politics to the Politics of the Environment: Liberal Democracy and Environmentalism: History of Western Philosophy.


Greta Gaard – Wikipedia

Ecofeminists and the Greens, draws upon interviews with scores of participants to tell the story of the controversial transition of the Green movement into a national political party from multiple perspectives, concluding that. Ecofeminists can learn from the Greens and from the work of ecofeminists in the Greens. Yet we can only bring about that movement by working with and through our communities–and our communities will always be partial, unrepresentative, incomplete.

Deep Ecology in Philosophy of Biology. Gaard’s book, Ecological Politics: Gaard also has published fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction as well as critical essays in non-scholarly publications.

A radically democratic movement for social and environmental justice will be larger than ecofeminism and larger than the Greens. As Gaard noted in her introduction to the pieces collected in that work, “in the three anthologies published at the time of this writing, ecofeminism has failed to locate animals as central to any discussion of ethics involving women and nature.