First published in and out of print for the past 40 years (except for a handsome limited edition from Centipede Press), Guy Endore’s “The. The Werewolf of Paris. Guy Endore .. But in the torrid atmosphere of Paris, a nodding acquaintance ripens quickly to intimacy. At any rate among Americans. The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore – book cover, description, publication history.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. There is a great deal of commentary on class in this book, the idiocy of the Franco-Prussian war envore war in general, scathing critiques of government and people of every kind. Lists with This Book. This footnote affected me more profoundly than anything else in the novel.

Bookslut | The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore

What could be more apropos? The Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune of —71 provide the immediate backdrop to The Werewolf of Parisalthough Endore also makes many references to the Revolutions ofwhen Aymar was physically disabled and traumatized amid the intense street fighting in Paris.

Filled with choppy writing that is neither creative nor original, plus the endless sentences that seem to drag on, this book was more of a hassle to read than anything else.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The mob of Paris, outraged by endless murders, howled, but only for more blood, like a man drunk with liquor who, while lying wretched and werewolc under the table, still craves another drink and yet another.

I don’t want to ruin too much of the story here, but let’s just say there’s something in it for everyone, including those that found Fifty Shades of Grey lacking in real cruelty and also those who are fans of Boccaccio-esque descriptions of Catholic clerics getting their boogie on. Overall, this was a pretty good book that deserves to be up there with the other classic monsters of the silver screen. In a world where fuy are reduced to eating rats just to survive, where thousands of people are senselessly murdered and abused, is a werewolf really so bad?


A good scare is refreshing from time to time, giving the old synapses a jolt. Like any classic werewolf book this is guj not so much a story of someone that turns into a wolf under a full moon and goes around eating people, but is a story of the nature of man and his battle between civility and his desire for lust and murder.

Just be aware that it’s very brutal at times, with rape, incest, cannibalism, torture, child abuse, and a later segment buy a painfully honest exploration of what went down in mental asylums of the time. On wwerewolf subject of how good looking, rich people are getting a free ride in society, living their life in a sheltered rosy bubble, insulated from the sordid need to work for a living: I don’t know if Endore set out to write the “Dracula” of werewolf stories, but he certainly accomplished it, and very much outdoes that story in both epic scope and prosaic style.

He can be ghoulishly morbid the appendix details the unsanitary conditions of 19th century cemetaries but he can also make you care about the love life of a werewolf or was he? It is that they eat people. No one even knew Australia had a banned book list until a few years ago. It was apparently quite successful during its first release and afterwards there was werwwolf a Hammer film which shared NOTHING with it starring Oliver Reed but it isn’t mentioned as a great classic of Horror, or tthe on a pedestal next to Dracula or Frankenstein, which is where I believe it should be.

It did fall apart a bit at the end when the author wandered away from the werewolf plot-thread to detail the French civil war to such an apris that I don’t think I’d enddore comfortable visiting France even if I wanted to.

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. The newer ones were angry welts of red, or hard ridges of scab.

Then the souls that enter man’s husk find only a stiff shell left. There are first those that have two bodies and only one soul. To the whole battalion that looked at her with lusting, hungry eyes. Intelligent, engaging, haunting and poetic, it is both a historical recreation of Paris after the Franco-Prussian War centered on the siege of Paris with its rationing of parsi and commodities, and a horror story told in a modern vernacular filled with universal human truths about the monsters of this world, within and without.


I recommend this book to werewolf fans who are interested to see how the genre has progressed over the last 70 years and also to those who enjoy historical supernatural fiction.

This book was pretty hit-and-miss, but where it hit, it hit pretty hard. In a parody of sexual penetration, a knife, supplied by Sophie herself, becomes a phallic symbol.

The Werewolf of Paris : A Novel

Werewolves are enjoying a fine romp across current literature and cinema. With the sex, I was far more surprised than I thought I ov be.

Stunning in its sexual frankness endoore eerie, fog-enshrouded visions, this novel was decidedly influential for the generations of horror and science fiction authors who came after. Just as a servant plays with his master’s clothes. However, an encounter with a prostitute leaves young Bertrand with a taste for human blood, and he runs away from home to live in Paris, where he ends up joining the National Guard when the Franco-Prussian War breaks out.

He had an unpleasant upbringing being that he was born in New York shivers ; his mother killed herself when he was 4, and then his father put him in an orphanage and sent him to Vienna for 5 years. I had high expectations from the story, after glowing praise from a reliable reviewer on a different forum, and I was not disappointed. The book also crosses genre lines.