The offical homepage for Michael Kimmel’s latest book, “Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men,” in stores August from HarperCollins. The response of these young white guys to such confusing conditions, Kimmel asserts, is to withdraw into a place he calls “Guyland.”. GUYLAND: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men. Michael Kimmel. 2. • Author visits: Kimmel will visit WSU to discuss Guyland October.

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Even worse though was Kimmel’s claim that this book was based on “approximately four hundred” interviews with young men across the country. Kimmel charts the whirlpools and reefs on our route, but does not to actively propose less perilous routes. Maybe Kimmel would wogld less grim if he got some new friends. If anything, I’m just worlc disturbed and angry at the white guy culture, and I wish this book touched more on how girls can help other than being a mother and teaching future generations to do better.

Of course, as any guy who’s gotten past guyland can tell them, of course that doesn’t make you happy.

This culture often plays out in what many men assume is rightfully theirs. I know my residence hall experience was not unique.

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men by Michael S. Kimmel

hte However, it really dragged for me because the author repeated the same themes over and over. They hook up with women, but rarely form meaningful relationships. In light of that, I think that it could have been better than it was. I message I took from this book is that “guys” are overwhelmingly white.


Serving as a residence assistant my senior year, one of wjere largest frustrations was the negative, collective attitude that so often crept up. This book is so important. Want to Read saving…. They live in communal housing with fraternity brothers or other recent grads.

Men drink to relax, and sometimes to wallow in self-pity, but men drink in packs for the story. Apr perilus, Adena rated it really liked it. Even though — like I said — Kimmel discusses places where race, ethnicity, and class wold into the picture though mostly the first of thosehe doesn’t do it enough, and he easily lapses into describing phenomena that are relatively circumscribed as if they affected all American men within that age group.

Another part of the blame is given to the college administrations, when they prioritize getting the best athletic recruits over the safety of women on campus. But because some were so awful that I was becoming paranoid of walking down the damn street! There are a wide variety of wheer about what “being a man” means which include but are not limited to: He was one of the first males to attend and graduate from Vassar.

Guyland – Wikipedia

But I think it starts with guys who know better within those circles standing bceome against really abhorrent behavior, and adults who have found that happy life, finding a way to show those kids how being a responsible adult can be completely fulfilling and not remotely emasculating. I’d like to see him discuss “nice guys” or jock mentality in guys who are “nerdy”. Dec 11, Denis rated it liked it Shelves: Personally, I could’ve gone without some of the quotes from questionabl If you’re already a feminist or participate and read about the socialization of gender, this won’t be anything new, but it’s a decent book that puts together different parts of how year old men are obnoxious and why it hurts them as well as us.


Not what everyone wants to hear, but so what?

It inspired me to pick up a lot of the books which Kimmel referenced in here. Black and Hispanic boys play video games as well.

Book Review: “Guyland: The perilous world where boys become men” by Michael Kimmel

The book’s message is one of male privilege and power, how that power perpetuates itself, and the fact that many males are uncomfortable with such, even though they perform such actions because it’s how they “should” be. How do we explain and understand the culture of “hooking up” that has transplanted dating in college-aged youth?

The perilous world where boys become men. But then again, you might not see it as perilos depend I suppose most perceptive people of really all generations can tell you that kids aren’t the same today that they were years ago. guylabd

I will definitely be checking out more of his work. Also, I gave this a neutral star rating because I did skip chapters 4,5, and 6.

In some cases he makes good use of surveys and statistics. At the beginning of reading I guylanf not hold high hopes as the author seemed to be focusing on how hard “guys” lives are and seemed to be blaming it on their fathers.