This edition applies to HACMP for AIX, version and to all subsequent releases of .. Enhanced Scalability Installation and Administration Guide – SC23 This book will continue to refer to HACMP To view or download the PDF version of this topic, select Administration guide. Downloading Adobe Reader: You. When planning a large DB2 installation on a RS/ SP using HACMP ES, you need This recovery procedure is documented in the SP Administration Guide.

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Originally Posted by jim mcnamara. However, when an RG moves to another node, you must make sure that the UNIX user used to install and run the software on the original node has the same UID and GID on the second node; otherwise you will encounter file gujde permission problems within the RG.

Here is what i did: When an RG is initially created, the filesystem in the RG is empty.

Guide to IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Version 7.1.3

I have troubles making clstat work. Administdation not, which level of AIX do you have? Find all posts by bakunin. Use machine names for the Siebel Enterprises, Siebel Gateway and Siebel Servers that are cluster-independent and node-independent. Last edited by bakunin; at It’s an ‘forever’ old issue on hacmp.

All times are GMT MIB lists provide the know how. View Public Profile for igalvarez. View Public Profile for bakunin.


Guide to IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Version [Book]

But this is not your problem. I know nothing about AIX, but if the implementation of the snmp protocol is anything like elsewhere so there may be some huge faults in my understandingconsider: Automatic start of cluster services. It also has an associated IP address known as Service Address which moves with the RG to the node where it is mounted.

Before installing additional hackp packs or patches, you must make sure all RGs containing Siebel products are moved back to their primary nodes. For more information, see your IBM documentation.

HACMP relies on these files to be accurate; otherwise, you may encounter unexpected behavior from the cluster.

All systems within a cluster are connected by redundant private networks over which they communicate by heartbeats, or signals sent periodically from one system to another. I Are there required MIB lists missing as a startup parameter for snmpd? Find all posts by jim mcnamara. Are there required MIB lists missing as a startup parameter for snmpd?

Administration Guide

If you intend to cluster your Siebel Database Server, follow the procedures provided by your database vendor. We do not use SmartAssists or other gadgets. In deed last week we had to upgrade nodes from AIX 6.

Page 1 of 2.


If you will be operating a heterogeneous server environment, use UNIX naming conventions for servers; use names that are no longer than 12 characters and do not contain spaces or special characters. When the cluster services are started, each RG gets mounted on the node to which it is assigned.


Nothing specific to Siebel software is set in the users. All Linux Man Pages. Hi, did you solve the issue? As it seems the version i used was somewhat differently abledas i believe the politically correct euphemism for “buggy” is.

All the “usual suspects” have been covered but still no luck. It does not matter who owns what on each node. When the RG moves, all the software in the RG moves with it. It can mean ‘permission denied’. Find all posts by igalvarez. Applications can be configured to run on specific nodes within the hhacmp.

View Public Profile for jim mcnamara. So I assume permissions strings have not been changed from default.

I only bought a cluster-software but got a built-in adventure game at no cost. Tags aixhuidehacmpsnmpsolved. The cluster services hhacmp be started on all nodes and all application resource groups RG’s have to be online before any Siebel software installation.

HACMP does not start db2 after failover db2nodes not getting modified by hacmp. You should be able to post links yourself now. Last edited by igalvarez; at