Collection of popular halaal recipes by theme and occasion. Biscuits & Pastries Recipes Recipes. Desserts, Sweet Meats Recipes Recipes .

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Use the oven to heat the mixture until the cheese melts. You can either role the tasty snack in coconut or soak it in syrup.

Add maize meal and do not forget to add salt to taste. Let them cook until tender.

Here are the ingredients and the preparation method for this delicious dish. Peppermint crisp tart is one of the popular deserts loved by most South Africans.

Let the mixture cool and then add the parsley to marinate the fish for about an hour. Preparing the food, therefore, should reflect how you would like to live a healthy and a nutritious life. We therefore share with you halaal recipes that will help you prepare different halaal foods and delicacies.

Dip the koeksisters into the syrup and let it soak for about half an hour.

15 best halaal recipes

Add tomato puree, let it cook for some few minutes, and then you add the boiled potatoes. Others love it dry while others prefer it when fluid-like just like porridge. Now, rub the fish masala paste over it. Take a bowl and put the creamy butter, the egg, sugar and beat the mixture well. Pour the mixture into the desired dish, use a lid to cover your dish, and then bake it for about an hour. Serve your tasty meal with melba toast or maybe savory biscuits.


Gatsby is one of the tastiest street-foods in the country. Below are the ingredients and the preparation method for this meal, which is very hallaal as well. For more recipes, you can watch the home channel revipes or follow halaal recipes Instagram.

Scroll down for the recipe. Let them cook until the chicken is soft. You do not have to purchase it everyday; you can prepare it on your own.

62 best halaal recipes images on Pinterest | Delicious desserts, Desserts and Indian food recipes

For topping, you can use a ml packet of milk, an egg that is lightly beaten, and bay leaves to garnish your delicious meal. Stir the mixture well using a spoon, put hxlaal in a proof dish, and place it in the oven to bake for about 40 minutes.

Now, cover the bottom of your dish. Pap en sous is one of the South African staple dishes. We believe that the treat is tasty. Note that the mixture should bake until it turns golden brown.


Cook until the onions turn golden brown. Scroll down to learn on how to prepare it. Below halaak the ingredients and the preparation method. Bobotie is a tasty dish with a very quick and easy halaal recipe.

Think it is important? Here are the ingredients and the preparation method. Next, add the spices, sauce, baked beans, and tomato paste. Place a frying pan on moderate heat and add cooking oil together with onions.

Islamic religion can be defined as a way of living a good life that involves manners, protocols, and rules that govern Muslims. Now, sprinkle the chocolate ahlaal peppermint crisp on top and refrigerate it for about 60 minutes to set.

Note that you should allow the excess water in the fish to drain off completely.