Imperforate Hymen Presenting with Massive Hematometra and Hematocolpos: A Case Report . Figure 2: Evacuation of hematocolpos and heamatometra. Hematometra a nd Hematocolpos: Ultrasound. Findings. x/79/ lolo. $ JOACHIM. F. SAILER’. An imperforate hymen is the most. A large hematometra and hematocolpos were detected by transabdominal ultrasound scanning. Transabdominal ultrasound depicted a distended uterus 90 mm.

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Surgery is always indicated when imperforate hymen becomes symptomatic we report the case of an imperforate hymen who presented late with delayed menarche, massive hematocolpos and hematometra.

Her medical history revealed that 15 days prior to the presentation at the Emergency Department, she had been prescribed a ten-day course of progestogen therapy on request to delay her menstrual cycle. Abstract Hematometrocolpos is accumulation of blood in the vagina and uterine cavity due to intra-uterine hemorrhage.

Our patient and her mother were counseled about this issue of defloration during surgery.

Hematocolpos – Wikipedia

Hematometra or hemometra is a medical condition involving collection or retention of blood in the uterus. Hematometra typically presents as cyclic, cramping pain in the midline of the pelvis or lower abdomen. Thus, the underlying etiology of the obstruction in this patient was uncertain, and this case denotes an unusual cause of acquired spontaneous hematometra and hematocolpos developed following progestin use.

The definite management of imperforate hymen is surgical excision of the hymen from the base hymenecotomy and evacuation of the accumulated menstrual blood from the vagina and the uterus.


D ICD – Cervical dysplasia Cervical incompetence Cervical polyp Cervicitis Female infertility Cervical stenosis Nabothian cyst.

Imperforate Hymen Presenting with Massive Hematometra and Hematocolpos: A Case Report

Acute spontaneous hematotrachelos following methotrexate treatment hematomstra a suspected tubal pregnancy. October 05, ; Published date: Adolescents often present at gynaecologists with HMB, although HMB following the usage of contraceptive pills which may cause hematometrocolpos is rare.

The intracavitary findings included different degrees of resolving hemorrhage, but a malignancy, although he,atometra likely, could not be ruled out. Asherman’s syndrome Dysfunctional uterine bleeding Endometrial hyperplasia Endometrial polyp Endometriosis Endometritis. This case shows that a careful history and examination is very important in the recognition of a rarely seen life-threatening menorrhagic episodes arising from usage of progestin with the intention to delay the menstrual cycle.

Hematometra – Wikipedia

Office Evaluation and Management of the Uterine Cavity. After resolution of the hematometrocolpos was shown by transabdominal ultrasound heatocolpos days later, the patient, who was stable, was discharged without complication.

It is often caused by the combination of menstruation with an imperforate hymen. Symptoms and Signs in Pediatric Surgery. Heterogeneous structures the largest being 90 mm in diameter were seen in the uterine cavity. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues.

She was initially treated with blood transfusion eight units of packed red blood cells and four units of packed fresh-frozen plasma were hematometraa and hemostasis was achieved rapidly using high doses of combined oral contaceptive ethinyl estradiol 0. Retrieved from ” https: Treatment methods include hormonal therapies, antifibrinolytics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are effective, well-tolerated and safe.


This can be caused by a congenital stenosis of the cervixor by a complication of a surgical treatment. Imperforate hymen is the commonest congenital anomaly that causes closure of the vagina. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Transabdominal and transrectal ultrasounds can also assist in confirming the diagnosis of imperforate hymen [ uematometra ]. Eur J Gynaecol Oncol. In the present case, sonographic findings demonstrated acquired obstruction of the lower female genital tract, specifically hematometra and hematocolpos.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. However, presenting symptoms of hematometra and hematocolpos without any evidence of primary and secondary amenorrhea were considered to be related to massive uterine bleeding following the use of progestin fifteen days previously.

Initial treatment was blood transfusion and medical drug therapy. Look up hematocolpos in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Her gynecological history included menarche at 14 years of age. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat This women’s health related hemtometra is a stub. The differential diagnoses of imperforate hymen include vaginal septum, vaginal agenesis, vaginal cyst, ectopic ureter with ureterocele, hymenal cyst and periurethral cyst.

Retrieved from ” https: Constipation, urinary retention and infection, pelvic infection and tubo-ovarian abscess, hematosalpix, and endometrosis are the other reported symptomatic presentations of imperforate hymens when treatments were delayed [ 3 – 6 ].