Population. Adult. Domain. Measures of Self. Type of Measure. Self-report. ICF- Code/s e4. Description. Herth Hope Scale (HHS) is a measure that attempts to. Abstract. Hope is a motivational/cognitive attribute that is theoretically necessary to initiate and sustain action toward goal attainment. The Herth Hope Scale. Hope is a motivational/cognitive attribute that is theoretically necessary to initiate and sustain action toward goal attainment. The Herth Hope Scale (HHS) not.

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Therefore, we utilized exploratory factor analytic methods to examine the factor structure of the HHI. The use of factor analysis for instrument development in health scael research. A practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician.

Her hertg focuses on psychosocial implications of late life cognitive disorders. All analyses were performed using SPSS Best practices in exploratory factor analysis: Two factors explained International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

According to Nunnally and Bernsteininternal consistency estimates of. Therefore, how these correlations may be conceptualized among individuals with cognitive impairment is likely all the more complex, when considering the impact of progressive memory loss upon coping and insight, and warrants further exploration.

Abbreviated instrument to measure hope: development and psychometric evaluation.

The orthogonal rotation produced four cross-loading items, whereas the solution using oblique rotation produced one cross-loading item. With 12 items and 96 subjects in the current analysis, the subjects-to-items ratio was 8, which was sufficient to perform the EFA. Depression was not associated with hope in the current study.

Families impacted by cognitive impairment may maintain hope in the face of a potentially progressive illness, regardless of cognitive status. I believe that each day has potential. Thinking outside the box: Bivariate analyses were used to examine construct validity. I can see a light in a tunnel.


Other work has pointed to the importance of hope in others in instilling hope in the individual Herth, Coefficient alpha and the internal structure of tests. The construction of awareness in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease: IWCIs may not perceive a continuum of memory decline, even after a diagnosis of cognitive impairment Lingler et al.

Differences in item loadings across studies may be attributed to a sample inclusive of individuals facing cognitive impairment; other studies have been uerth of adult outpatients at a primary care clinic Katerndahl et al. Social support has been previously considered to sale one of the factors of the item Herth Hope Scale, but has not been reported to be a component of the abbreviated HHI.

The sample was predominantly white An abbreviated, item scale was later developed to address the need hertb a brief, psychometrically validated tool for use in clinical settings Herth, Progression of mild cognitive impairment to dementia in clinic- vs community-based cohorts. Given the differences in factor structures across studies, confirmatory factor analysis might help to clarify the dcale structure of the HHI.

Previous work has posited that hope is a coping skill from which therapeutic value can be derived. The sample was comprised of 45 individuals with cognitive impairment IWCI and 51 care partners CPyielding a total sample of 96 study participants.

Open in a separate window. This is the first psychometric study to explore the properties of a hope scale utilizing members of families impacted by cognitive impairment.

Gary Koeske for his statistical guidance on this project.

The sample additionally included individuals with varying degrees of cognitive impairment. Hertth participants reported high levels of global hope, despite their experience with progressive illness.

Hope therapy in a community sample: I feel my life has value and worth. Fostering hope in terminally ill patients.


The majority of IWCI were living with a spouse or partner Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The purpose of this secondary analysis was to evaluate the reliability and validity of the Herth Hope Index by examining the internal factor structure and by exploring its relationship to scales measuring depression, illness insight, neurocognitive status, and satisfaction with social support.

Correlates and long-term consequences of poor insight in patients with schizophrenia. Further examination of the relationship between hope and social support may particularly benefit from more extensive questioning surrounding social support, including what aspects of social support may enhance hope and in turn how this relationship impacts depression.

These coefficient estimates are higher than the recommended cut-off of.

Abbreviated instrument to measure hope: development and psychometric evaluation.

I have short, intermediate and long-range goals. Understanding what factors may cause difficulties in coping with a diagnosis scape mild cognitive impairment MCI or early stage dementia can be beneficial for care providers and the development of effective supports for affected individuals and their care partners CPs. The relationship between disability and depression in multiple sclerosis: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin KMO; Kaiser, statistic and Bartlett’s test of sphericity Bartlett, were checked to determine the factorability of the correlation matrix.

A rating scale for depression. There were several limitations to the current investigation. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.