Heterociklična jedinjenja su ciklična jedinjenja koja pored ugljenika sadrže u strukturi prstena jedan ili više atoma nekih drugih elemenata-. Start studying Heterociklična jedinjenja (Petočlana). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. izvor: Wikipedia. Stranice: Poglavlja: Heterociklična Jedinjenja (2 prstena), Heterociklična Jedinjenja (3 prstena), Heterociklična Jedinjenja (4 ili više.

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Heterociklično jedinjenje

Dallinger, The impact heyerociklicna microwave synthesis on drug discovery, Nat. Condensed 2-pyridone derivatives can also be obtained from aminopropenoate obtained from dimethylformamide diethyl acetal DMFDEA and CH-acidic carbonyl jedijnenja. Galembeck, Conformational preferences of non-nucleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors, Tetrahedron 57 First, we will discuss the microwave synthesis of 2-pyridones.

Copy the Bookmark URL. It should be noted that 4-quinolones can be obtained from substituted aniline and diethyl etoxymethylene malonate in a conventional microwave oven. US US Microwave synthesis is among methods that respect the principles of the so-called “green chemistry” which is one more reason for performing this type of synthesis [50].

Nasuprot tome, mikrotalasno zracenje je efikasan izvor zagrevanja koji direktno prenosi energiju kroz interakciju sa polarnim molekulima prisutnim u reakcionoj heterociklicba. On the other hand, microwave irradiation is an efficient way of heating where energy is transmitted directly through interaction with polar molecules present in the reaction mixture [40,41].

A new look at mesogenic 4-pyridones, Liquid Cryst.

Nitrogen can be a part of one of the fragments, or be introduced as a separate fragment. Abdou, Microwave-assisted synthesis of 2 1H -pyridones and their glucosides as cell proliferation inhibitors, Nucleos. The synthesis of 3,5-dicyanopyridone is carried out in aqueous heterociklixna starting from aldehydes and malononitrile in the presence of sodium hydroxide as a base.


Westman, The impact of microwave-assisted organic chemistry on drug discovery, Drug Discov.

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The Bookmark will be sent with the above message. Derivati 2-piridona su posebno interesantni jer je 2-piridonska struktura prisutna u mnogim jedinjenjima prirodnog porekla od kojih mnoga poseduju biolosku aktivnost. The synthesized derivatives of 4,6-dimethylcyanopyridone Table 1, entries were obtained in nearly quantitative yield, while the derivatives of 4,6-diphenylcyanopyridones Table 1, entries were obtained in lower yields. Grossmann, Effects of known and potential antioxidants on animal models of pathological processes diabetes, gastric lesions, allergic bronchospasmExp.

Unlike conventional conditions high temperature, polar organic solventsthe newer approach, enzymatically catalyzed synthesis of 2-pyridones, carried under mild reaction conditions, is characterized by high regio- and stereo-selectivity, high purity and final yield of the obtained products [38,39]. In addition, condensed 2-pyridone can be obtained by the reaction of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds and substituted benzaldehydes or phenylendialdehide in the presence of ammonium acetate using microwave irradiation in the absence of a solvent, as previously described for the synthesis of 2-pyridones [].

Heterociklično jedinjenje — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

Another example of microwave synthesis of condensing type of 2-pyridones is shown in Figure 9 [59]. In this paper, the synthesis of 2-pyridones as well as 2-pyridone-based compounds, such as 2-quinolones, using microwave assisted organic chemistry is reviewed. Microwaves have a frequency between 0.

Almqvist, Improved procedure for the enantioselective synthesis of dihydrooxazolo and dihydrothiazolo ring-fused 2-pyridones, Tetrahedron Letters 51 A good example of such a combination is given in a paper by Gorobets et al. The short reaction time and the increasing number of microwave assisted reactions lead to the application of this technique in the various fields of industry. Microwave synthesis was performed using a conventional microwave oven in the absence of solvent. We will point out the advantages of microwave assisted synthesis in comparison to conventional heating.


In the second part, microwave assisted synthesis of 2-quionolones is listed. N-Methylpyridone is used in the production of compounds that are used to produce images [22]. Instead of p-toluenesulfonic acid, silica gel or aluminum oxide can be used, but yields were lower with longer reaction times.

In addition to Eaton’s reagent, p-toluenesulfonic acid can be used in the microwave synthesis of 2-quinolones. Valentic, Synthesis and investigation of solvent effects on the ultraviolet absorption spectra of 5-substitutedmethylcyanohydroxypyridones, J. Part IV Influence of 3-alkyl-2,4-pentanedione and W-alkyl cyanoacetamide structure on the enzyme catalyzed synthesis of substituted 3-cyanopyridones, Indian J.

On the other hand, the reaction can be carried out in an open vessel even on a larger scale without such demands [64]. The basic principles of synthesis of heterocyclic molecules used in conventional synthesis were heferociklicna to microwave synthesis [51].

Also, this type of reaction is used to obtain arylazo pyridone dyes []. Shi, An efficient and greener approach to the synthesis of 3,5-dicyanopyridin-2 1H -one derivatives in aqueous media under microwave irradiation conditions, J. Mikrotalasne sinteze se ubrajaju medu metode koje postuju principe takozvane “zelene hemije” sto predstavlja jedinjemja vise za ovakvo izvodjenje sinteza.