For hexagram 37 to change to hexagram 42 it would be line 3 of hexagram 37 that changes, so hexagram 37 line 3 is what you would read. 37 — The Family — HEXAGRAM NUMBER THIRTY-SEVEN –. FAMILY. Other titles: Family Life, Clan, Home, Linkage, Dwelling People, The Psyche, “May. El hexagrama 37 es llamado 家人 (chian jen), “El Clan”.

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Its all here in our complete reference, the i-ching index! Personally I hexaggrama with the diviners who see the relating hexagram as part of the meat and bones too, but some diviners don’t see it that way and would focus exclusively on With communication and mutual love.

Then is that city best governed which is most like a single human being? The whole is enriched by the rectitude of one of its parts. Get a grip on yourself — control your emotional responses.

Firm seclusion within the family. For hexagram 37 to change to hexagram 42 it would be line 3 of hexagram 37 that changes, so hexagram 37 line 3 is what you would read. When wife and children are smirking and chattering, the proper economy of the family has been lost. Any attempts to further the well-being of others in a modest and humble way will be successful. Perhaps I have misinterpreted entirely, If anyone can shed some insight and point me in the right direction, that would be most appreciated.


This is a wealthy family with great auspiciousness. This will make you wide open to love. This is due to her docility and because she is in her correct place. There is truthfulness, which is impressive.

iChing Community

When women and children dally and laugh, it leads in the end to humiliation. Who held authority in your family?

Anyone else has a view on the meaning of the changing line and hex. The King draws near to his family i. Good fortune comes through a beneficial influence.

37: Extended Family

There is no reason to fear openness in these kinds of relationships. Line 6 top line You are confident, and your hexagrqma command respect. Results 1 to 7 of 7. When women and children are frivolous, there is cause for humiliation. There will be good fortune to prepare meals inside.

It suggests the necessity of strict rule in governing the family. Hi All, I recently met a gentleman of interest on a road trip.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #37 –

Fear and aggression, for instance, were useful during thousands of years of prehistory when our ancestors had to battle for survival against savage and cunning enemies. The perseverance of the woman furthers. Have we any greater evil for a city than what splits it and makes it many instead of one?


I don’t think the I-Ching is necessarily telling me to step back, it would be inconsistent with other hexagrams I got for other questions. A well-to-do household — great good fortune!

Do not deviate from established order. While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic references and can be difficult to understand for 21st century readers.

Society centuries before the time of Confucius had been organized on the basis of family.

Bring the family to that state, and all hexagama heaven will be established. Sign up here to be notified when this is next available! This line can be problematic and is occasionally received under less than lucid circumstances. Line four is magnetic and in her proper place. Rather than be controlled by emotions such as love, yearning, or awe, he can control them.

There will be no regret. Own your part in past dramas. The third line, dynamic, shows its hexagra,a treating the members of the household with stern severity.