Hipstamatic. December 16, ·. Photo shot by Sezgi Olgac for Snap Magazine . Sezgi Olgac. Photo by Sezgi Olgac. Shot using Lowy Lens. Hipstamatic has made a successful business out of its popular (and paid) iPhone camera appand the many features it has incorporated to. If you haven’t already, please check out Snap magazine in the App store. It’s available for both iPad and iPhones. We’d love to have you.

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Latest Issues of Hipstamatic Snap Magazine Now Available – The Fashion Issue

The content In this first issue amgazine kind of “meh”. I don’t understand the layout magazinf design. Design The 15 coolest interfaces of the year. Snap is packed with passionate content, and provides Hipstamatic users with an opportunity to have their work featured in a beautiful, cohesive format. The creativity of our community continues to floor me every day.

This has happened three times so far. But it isn’t really doing anything for me. Through a variety of offerings, including Hipstamatic, IncrediBooth, SwankoLab for iPhone, and Snap magazine, Hipstamatic encourages its community to tap into their inner artists and use photography as a gateway back to creativity.

There are so many photo apps out there, but yours will always be my favorite. Hipstamatic made a big push for deep users in March, when it partnered with Instagram to allow users to seamlessly push their photos onto the Instagram platform. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. The trends, artists, and tastemakers within its pages span industries and mediums, continents and languages, philosophies and backgrounds.

The photos in Snap are tangible representations of what the average or future Hipstamatic user can aspire to. There are casual iPhoneographers, and then there are Hipstamatic users.


By Christina Chaey 3 minute Read. Design Recommender The 7 best tools for making your most productive year yet Co. First the app itself I’m not experiencing the crashes others are reporting, but I do find it highly irritating that if I don’t read the mag for a day or so it forgets what page I’m on and I have to search for it again.

The full list of updated features includes:. Whereas the reward of posting to Instagram lies in likes and comments from friends, the reward of shooting with Hipstamatic lies in being recognized for your talent.

With inspiring photography and compelling editorial, Snap is a vibrant way of life. Anyone with an iPhone can now download the Snap magazine app, and every issue is available to read in its entirety at Snapm.

But today, Hipstamatic will launch Snapa free monthly culture and lifestyle magazine for the iPad featuring original editorial content and, naturally, gorgeous spreads of Hipstamatic photos. If you’re wondering where he’s been lately, Marty is currently working on a project about Pink Floyd The Wall, which you can check out at thewallcomplete.

Thank you for everything to date. It provides a gateway for the average photographer to get his work featured in Snap. Snap reads like a traditional magazine: More than just a promo piece for their line of apps, Snap Magazine has great content as well and is a very visual piece.

Thanks so much for this magazine Hipstamatic.

Anything featured in Snapfrom street art to fashion, could conceivably feed into a new moneymaking vertical. For editorial inquiries, please contact submissions scene. The articles are sort of hipster, which is to be expected, but they lack a real spark of interest. I don’t want to be constantly flipping my iPad back and forth so I can see the two page spread with the whole photo in landscape mode, and seeing two thirds of a photo in portrait orientation and then the other third when I turn the page is just frustrating.

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And when we highlight any of our users, they become evangelists for life. Hipstamatic is a photography company aiming to inspire the world to live more beautifully and creatively. British Journal of Photography. And what better way to feel recognized than to have your photos featured in a magazine?

Latest Issue of Hipstamatic Snap Magazine Now Available – The #NOMNOMNOM Issue

Snap showcases the driving forces behind global culture, and explores provocative new ways to interpret the beauty around us. And now that you sbap translating this into a magazine Snap for Web New website where each issue can be read in its entirety Easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Design What Apple needs to fix in and mavazine Co. As a professional photographer, I have to tell you some of my best pics come from using hipstamatic. Flickr user Panaromic ].

Scene by Hipstamatic – Magazine

Posted by Marty Yawnick Nov 26, Hipstamatic 2. Some of the photos are nice, but overall I’m not terribly inspired by it. I’ll give it some time to grow into itself, assuming the app quirks are worked out, but if the content doesn’t improve I won’t stick around too long. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Your graphics are definitely the thing that sets you so far apart from everyone else. Yes, this is possiblethe pages say, and Hipstamatic can help you get here.