There is no book like Ulysses, and no book about it quite like this one. Now completely revised to correspond to the definitive new Gabler edition, Hugh Kenner’s. Now completely revised to correspond to the definitive new Gabler edition, Hugh Kenner’s ULYSSES for the first time becomes widely available in the United. It is wonderful how Professor Kenner can keep on about Ulysses, always interesting and relevant and hardly repeating himself at all. His book.

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Oct 09, sharon added it Shelves: I strongly recommend either the Gabler edition the most widely used version of the text in Joyce scholarship or the Random House edition corrected and reset in Malachi tells him to revere our great sweet mother, and Hjgh looks at the mail-boat clearing the harbour mouth. Gregory Johnson rated it it was amazing Jul 05, I tend to think he explains and exemplifies a lot that is most interesting in Modernism in particular and literary scholarship as such.

Mike rated it really liked it Sep 05, The complexity of Joyce’s texts, their symmetries and intricately interlacing design elements, captivated me from the beginning. With Nora behind him, he could leave Ireland and teach English abroad with his BAbut without her he would sink. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Stephen regards the sea as the green bile which her coughing had torn up from her rotting liver she died of cancer.

Ulysses – Hugh Kenner – Google Books

I wish Kenner had spent more ulyssrs – or any time, really – on the book’s meaning. Evolving characterization colors the narration in Portrait, and this pattern spills over into Ulysses, where the tendency expands exponentially. Pulses were beating in his eyes, veiling their sight Even after several close readings of Ulysses with various commentaries, there were still some big surprises for me in this volume, simply on the level of the book’s action, and for that alone the book is worth a read for serious Joyce enthusiasts.


Voices in the Text.

It was worth it. He tells us a great deal about Joyce’s use of motifs and even of individual words and clusters of words to hold his books together.

Also he remembers being unjustly beaten over breaking his glasses when he was a new boy at school; in a blurry way, he is reflecting about time. Central questions that Kenner does not address include “What is upysses sense in which the mythopoetic patterns of Homer govern the action in the book, and what was Joyce trying to say in using them?

It’s still probably the best analysis of Ulysses that I’ve read. This really helped me to understand the book. There is no book like “Ulysses,” and no book about it quite like this one. Stephen imagines William Shakespeare as a restless man with a lively daughter and a dead son, uneasily yoked to a wife who conquered him once and cuckolds him now, all of which equally apply to Leopold Bloom.

Ulysses by Hugh Kenner

This disability in Stephen would soon become obvious in the book: We see how A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is indebted to the numerology and chiasmatic structure of Dante’s Vita Nuova, for example although Kenner doesn’t mention it by name: These parallelisms and linkages help establish the broadest pattern trussing together the novel’s stylistically divergent episodes into a single text. He has succeeded in his psycho-sexual existential quest. So this impressive book does not precisely focus its considerable energies in the directions of greatest interest to this reader.


Judith Abrahms rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Kenner does well to draw attention to this part of the story, and it is a pity that he missed the further point. Mar 10, Rose Anderson rated it liked it.

Being a youth excited about scholarship but not sure how to research, I wandered around my excellent community library until I found something which looked apposite: Thus, the specific detail provided about the close-up “threadbare cuffedge” and comparatively blurry description of the distant water actually tracks Stephen’s limited nearsighted vision without glasses.

The brief description here is as vivid as it is beautiful.

The Ultimate Novel

Joyce was 40 yrs old when Ulysses was published, it is a day in the life of a husband and father of Joyce’s age at publication. In point of fact, while these are items of interest to Kenner, they are not of overwhelming interest to him, but are illustrative of the content of Kenner’s book.

May 28, James C rated it it was amazing.