The Natural Philosophy Of AhleSunant Wal Jamaat www. Page 2. The Natural Philosophy Of AhleSunant Wal Jamaat. Hujwiri’s Kashf al-Mahjub. Proof of His Impressionability from Different Leaders and Sources. Abstract. The present paper will acquaint the reader with the life of . CHAPTER XI of Kashf al-Mahjub. by the Gnostic Ali Hujwiri . `Amr ibn `Uthman al- Makki, who shows great zeal on his behalf (andar amr-i way ba-jidd bashad), .

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Amir Vazifeh rated it it was ok Nov 20, Although Hojviri is initially circumspect about this approach, the fact that he ends his discussion of it by recounting how he had experienced its benefits for himself, not to mention his very inclusion of this chapter in the prominent kaxhf section about the identity of Sufism, indicates his overall positive view of the path of blame pp.

THIS translation of the most ancient and celebrated Persian treatise on Sufiism will, I hope, be kawhf useful not only by the small number of students familiar with the subject at first hand, but also by many readers who, without being Orientalists themselves, are interested in the general history of mysticism and may wish to compare or contrast the diverse yet similar manifestations of the mystical spirit in Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam.

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Ahmad refused, whereupon she sent another message in the following terms: Accordingly you must learn knowledge and seek perfection therein. It is also possible that he had collected many books, which diverted him from his devotional practices, and that he got rid of them for this reason.

The Kashf Al-Mahjub : The Oldest Persian Treatise on Sufism

Harun said, Counsel me further. You and they are all satisfied without harm to anyone. Dervishhood in all its meanings is a metaphorical poverty, and amidst all its subordinate aspects there is a transcendent principle. He belonged to the ancient Shaykhs, and was one of those who were kqshf devout.

They returned twice and thrice, but found no one, and at last departed.

He associated with many of the Followers and with some of the ancient Shaykhs, and had a perfect knowledge of Sufism. To affirm the latter is to destroy the principle of sincerity. Mahjib excellent is he who takes no thought of his own interest!

It is impossible that anyone should fall into error through practising either of them. At length he admitted me, and I remained in his society until he took me with him to visit Abu Hafs at Nishapur.

He was learned in every branch of science and was the Imam of his day in jurisprudence, besides being well acquainted with theology. The book indicates he was fond of religious spiritualism and divine wisdom.

Con cerning Companionship, together with its Rules and Principles The Sufi Shaykhs are at variance concerning him. God, Almighty and Glorious, has said: It has been lithographed in Lahore, Indian Subcontinent. Either God must be the desirer and Man the desired, or vice versa. Had I told a lie, we both should have been shamed.


The Kashf Al-Mahjub : Ali Bin Uthman Hujwiri :

In the opinion of advanced spiritualists ahl-i haqiqaf it means: As is well known, Junayd refused to discourse to his disciples so long as Sari was alive, until one night he dreamed that the Apostle said to him: His conversion tawbaf was begun by Hasan of Basra. At an earlier time I composed a book in explanation of his sayings and demonstrated their sublimity by proofs and arguments. At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world.

One day a merchant set out from Merv. Men in their dealings with God fall into two classes.

The Kashf Al-Mahjub (the Revelation of the Veiled): An Early Persian Treatise on Sufism by الهجویری

If they seldom wear garments of wool at the present day, there are two reasons for this fact: He was one of the great men of Khurasan, and the Saints of God are unanimously agreed that he was one of the Awtad.

Therefore know ledge is a Divine attribute and action a human attribute. I worship Him alone and take from Him alone.