A Ruger SP is likely in my future. I learned of a series of books called IBOK’s ( Iowegan’s Books of Knowledge). They used to be available for. I bought a new SP a few days ago, did the IBOK action smoothing, and then decided to try giving it a mirror polish. I have a lot of experience. Post subject: SP mods. Post . He re-did the IBOK, removed the offending schematic and added LOTS more pics and now he charges for it.

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I really like those sights. Add the gaps on each side to calculate the total gap. Clean each part with solvent before inspecting or dressing. Schematic You may refer sl101 the following schematic through the trigger job process. If the plunger does not move freely, dress the hole some more.

Inspect the inside of the frame. This keeps the parts aligned. Wolff Springs for Ruger SP He has a very similar article on the SP FTF due to light spring is never acceptable.

Insert the elevation screw. Push the plunger down while sliding the pawl in.

If the latch binds, you will have to locate the bind and dress the frame or crane latch. That may be a spring project for me. A good compromise is a 12 lb mainspring. A worn or out of spec trigger plunger part 48 or cylinder latch part 6 will cause late initial timing. Do the serial number side of the gun first then start the hammer pivot pin and do the sp1011 side. GPs with fixed sights are equipped with compact rubber grips with inserts.


If all chambers pass this test, the gun is within specifications. Slide the grip part 14 down and off the grip frame.

Hold the trigger back with your left forefinger and position your left thumb over the rear of the pawl part February 23rd, The best way is to insert the hammer then slide the shim down the side of the hammer.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Apply a drop of oil in the hole. I simply removed the grips, used duct tape around the trigger where it goes into the framecovered the grip frame in leather and put the gun in a vise, then used a Dremel Sp?

After rounds, I get a light strike Very intersting and well written- thanx. In extreme cases, even a stainless gun will rust. Ap101 first time I took the trigger assembly apart I was scared to death I wasn’t going to get it back together right.

You want the longer one. You have to shoot the crud out sp1011 a Ruger to loosen one up. It is used but the lock up is tight as a bank vault and the cylinder gap is impressive. I’ve always loved shooting.

The spring loaded hammer dog part 65 is picked up by the trigger cam extension in DA. If I missed the reference my appologies. Using valve grinding compound and a cloth patch hand powered on a cleaning rod works best. This makes the spring and trigger link plunger part 47 iboj and bind in both SA and DA.


While pressing the plunger down, push the latch pivot pin part 25 out from the inside of the crane.

Wolff Springs for Ruger SP [Archive] –

Wed Aug 11, 9: Hammer moves forward under tension of the ivok spring. Place the front dovetail of the sight in the channel. Thu Aug 12, 9: Insert a wire in the top hole of the flat surface of the crane and push down against spring tension. Have about rounds and works good. Let NO good deed go unpunished! Rugers are fantastic revolvers and will last forever. It too must be very smooth. Several other styles are available from aftermarket sources.

Ruger SP101 IBOK

Push the sight plunger in while holding the sight down until the sight drops in place. Use a small punch or screwdriver and push in on the front sight plunger part Pawl moves up and begins to rotate the cylinder CCW.

The worst thing you can do with any blued gun is to store them in a leather holster. Much like the trigger, you will usually see about. I would switch s;101 to the 10 lb spring. Lots of power in a very small, concealable, controllable package. If I add the springs whats recommended?