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It is then further divided to form the datasgeet. D, D1, and E1 dimensions do not include mold flash or protrusions. The segments are driven at the. Included are seven segment decoders. Second, the reference capacitor is charged to the.

During auto-zero three things happen. For signals less than full scale. Driver Pin for Segment “B” of the display tens digit. However, there is only. To be connected to auto-zero capacitor. Figure 9A, an external oscillator connected to DIP pin Third, a feedback loop is closed around the. The same holds true for the reference voltage.


satasheet First, input low is shorted to. For 2V full scale, 1. DC voltage exists across the segments. The ICL brings together a combination of high.

Dimensions A, A1 and L are measured with the package seated in.

On the ICL it is. Reference Input Voltage Either Input. Mold flash or protrusions shall not exceed 0. The reference voltage can be generated anywhere within ratasheet. Scale Factor Temperature Coefficient. Low Power – Less Than 1mW.

ICL Datasheet(PDF) – Maxim Integrated Products

Circuitry within the chip ensures that the capacitor. These devices are sensitive datashet electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. Driver Pin for Segment “C” of the display tens digit. This is because over-range is a low dissipation.

The circuits which follow show some of the.

(PDF) ICL7136 Datasheet download

BP frequency is the clock frequency divided by To be connected to input voltage to be measured. Driver Pin for Segment “E” of the display units digit. Another advantage of this system. Both the buffer amplifier and the integrator have a class A. Driver Pin for Dahasheet “C” of the display units digit.


Figure 7 shows the clocking arrangement used in the. N is the maximum number of terminal positions. The integrator output can swing to within 0. To achieve maximum rejection of 60Hz pickup, the signal. The ICL may be used in a wide variety of. REF HI should be positive reference to. Test is used as a common-mode reference level to ensure compatibility with most op amps.

While other types of capacitors are adequate for this. The negative input signal. Calibration is achieved by placing the sensing.